Asshats Unite

I watched him set his tennis ball there.



Big Fat Baby Boy


Listening To This Now (In Part)

Recording Number 2

around 14:23 in the last one, my neighbor came over and it made me forget what I was saying, but it got me saying something else, but here is what I was originally saying!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Okay hold on I’ll post this in a minute

I Found This Whilst Posting The Others

really enjoy this woodwork πŸ™‚ This is from a home downtown

I love woodwork. SWEEEET videos ya’ll!!! AND TWO!!!

love the lighting in the second πŸ™‚

Last One For The Day!!!!!!!

Emily Stewart On Pets and Andy Warhol Design

I’m Not Doing These in Particular Order :)


Emily Stewart on Crockpot Colors

A Live-In Driver Named Sal

Emily Stewart again

Emily Stewart

Laundry Pt. 2

So in my last podcast/recording

I got talking about these videos which you might like, and I wanted to post these before I did anything else, then I’m going to finish recording the podcast and then I’ll post that, so here they are πŸ™‚

These Came from Blue’s Poo

He likes to eat the neighbor’s birdseed, including sunflower seeds, and these came up…



But really though!! Truly!!!!!

This was him staring me down this morning before I took him for a walk around town.

I’m listening to my last recording

And it’s the part where I’m telling Blue, “Gigi’s home” and he’s sitting on my bed with me now, and now he’s confused about the fact that… I’m apparently telling him that “Gigi’s home” and he’s looking at me like, why is this getting replayed in my life?

Now it’s at the part where we are playing ball in the yard and he’s looking at me like, Why is someone saying these things to me when I am laying on the bed? What kind of bullshkit are you listening to?

Vocal Recording 1

I’ve started doing these with myself. This is actually number like 17 or 18 technicallllly but the other ones I was recording kind of for the fun of it for myself, more-so for self-entertainment and reflection and clearer understanding of certain things I found intriguing, they might be really boring to you. THIS ONE MIGHT BE REALLY BORING TO YOU. HAHAHA. Lol. But that never stopped me before.

This is the first one I did for this blog. πŸ™‚ We’ll see how they go. They are kind of fun for me, I like doing a new format. ❀ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Blue keeps farting in my face…

Whoops. The fumes made me forget to actually post the recording.

Let me see how this works…. Let me see how to do this.

Okay so here’s a long one

this is just transcribed from texting to my friend today

(my friend early this morning sent me this really flowery above and beyond like nicest words ever said about a person, like very many lines and very specific things and really just like, the most wonderful words and I’m only not including them here, because being about me isn’t the point and I think you’ll understand that from reading, below– none of this is personal, but feeling happy is something everybody wants to achieve πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )

And also, many people say nice things to me, that I really, really appreciate and I don’t mean to pedestal this one or de-value the others; I really appreciate them all, and ultimately I always know, none of them are about me, just as really, whenever I say nice things about people, it isn’t about them but MY point of awareness and MY frequency and ability to perceive at that time. If someone is in a good place and beholds me, they think and feel nice things. And vice versa for me. It’s physics more than anything else. Anyway, thought you might enjoy seeing some of the things that I wrote back to him because sometimes I can write the best when I’m writing directly TO someone else. πŸ™‚

So I saw that like in the middle of the night
By the way cute dog
You know what my favorite teacher says this
And this illustrated it to me so incredibly much, two things
Well three
I want to say thank you
Not for the compliments so much although they were incredibly nice
But I’m being frank when I say
For the energy that’s a bouncing off place for me today to think and write
My “dead” teacher says HAHAHAHAA that
[I got distracted and started doing other things then remembered I was writing]
Oh how basically how
Loving someone (appreciating someone) actually feels better than being appreciated or loved
Because that feeling is REAL to you. Like what YOU are flowing is real to you
And I’ve seen that time and again in my own life how loving really is the better thing even though both are really good
And I’ve felt exactly the same flowery way toward you
And whenever I am in the vibrational mode of feeling that toward anyone, it’s like I’m winning a thousand times more than them (unless they are up there with me too) and I don’t mean that as a competition obviously lolol
I’ve noticed sometimes people can adore you and if you aren’t in that frequency range, it actually feels weird
Like your foot being asleep
So the crazy thing is that it IS within our power to feel good because finding ways within our brains to feel happy and loving towards others really IS everything
And a part of me was like wow that’s really cool and a part of me is like he’s actually way more lucky than me to be in this flow
And another part of me was like yeah don’t get attached to people loving you and appreciating you because then you’re liked hooked up to their IV
And it’s only by NOT being hooked up to their IV, that you can display any of the qualities you explained you love in that rampage
Isn’t that so weird
It’s like the reason people love you is only when you’re being pure and true to yourself (I’m not there all of the time and you know that too)
And then if they love you for it, it almost makes you want to just keep doing whatever it is, to get that love
But then eventually that leads you somehow away from your own truth or path or guidance and you’re using THEM as your guidance or sign-post or opium instead and then things start breaking down and that’s when you get lost
And then you resent them because they led you astray when it was actually only ever your decision to try to find approval or love from them, instead of within yourself
And I forgot what was the other part of their teaching I was going to say
But that part was my extrapolation of my own
The weird thing is, it’s when I’m loving that I feel like the royal, not when it’s being given. Not necessarily when it’s being given, but always when I’m flowing it out.
People talk about animals and unconditional love
And that is true. But I think the best part is that BECAUSE they love unconditionally
We never bother to question it, and therefore, that allows us to love them with ease, and that is the real blessing
Because an animal can love you, and you can still treat it like poop too, and that doesn’t make you happy
It’s not the love OF the animal per se, it’s that the animal’s love acts as a blank slate so that you subconsciously know that it is completely safe to love
With people there’s often so many more mental things going around
If you want to know something funny
I had just changed my screen to this
Like an hour or so maybe before you messaged me
[I showed him a saying from Abraham Hicks, and that was made into a visual photograph with a colorful, nice background, and the message perfectly related to what he was saying to me]
I love their sayings so much and I loved that color
It just reminded me of being in alignment, you have everything you fly above the world
And that isn’t personal, and it doesn’t matter how you look
It’s just being in alignment and therefore flowing that energy or not
I kind of envision it as like say it’s a stop light type thing but instead of three lights there are a thousand
Vertically seated
And you’re in kind of an elevator that floats you up and down the spectrum of these lights
And you’re transparent so whatever light you land on is the one that shines through you and that people see
And the higher you go the better qualities you have and the more of yourself you naturally are and the more you love (and the more people love you generally, but that isn’t the point)
And lower you go, same thing but in reverse
But ANYONE can do it and everyone does. It isn’t ever personal it’s only about the frequency of the light that you emit
And your vibration is what raises you up and down
And you lock in, you click in, when you reach a level, and that is the frequency of light you have access to
And it’s really just physics and it’s as impersonal as that
And the thoughts we think raise us up and down the spectrum
I love you so much and I feel very lucky to have you in my life. Very very blessed

The First Line Is All I Saw

When I read this, I just started laughing out loud. Not because anybody died, clearly, but just because my brain just focused on the first line.


Stand Up Comedy Pioneer Dick

That is totally me. That’s my spirit guide. And I’m sure that man is having a grand old time flying. Being a stand-up comedian, I’m sure he loved that first line, too.

❀ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

This Made Me Really Glad


Kelsey was just telling me the other day

how she was re-reading this and literally laughing out loud and how it’s one of the funniest stories she has ever read (which, isn’t saying anything because she has never actually written down anything she’s said– she is one of THE funking funniest people I have ever laid comedian eyes on). She is so freaking hilariously funny she makes me sheet my pants.

Not literally but figuratively. She literally is comic gold. And I think it’s because she isn’t trying to be funny at all, she’s literally just regaling stories from her life, and they are fuking so…. I don’t even have words to explain it.

But anyway here goes. Here is one of her favorites.

Happy Birthday! (AKA When My Sister Slept With My Ex-Boyfriend)