Simple Joys Of Showering And Sew

Okay today I was somehow busy today for no reason but like, literally, I was (as in, I have no idea HOW OR WHAT EXACTLY I WAS DOING BUT IT WAS BACK TO BACK AND START TO FINISH ALL THE WAY THROUGH, ALL IN GOOD WAYS) and YOU KNOW I WAS BUSY BECAUSE I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO GO ON PEREZ.

(***I just had to catch up a couple of hours ago, and he did this video on YouTube that for so many reasons blew me away and I don’t think I have the wherewithal to explain them to you now, but words can’t express my love for him, and appreciation in seeing him grow, and this last thing he just did– and I don’t see them all, I don’t watch them all, I don’t follow all of this things, but the one he just did REALLY blew me away on so many levels and for so many reasons specific to me, and anyway, I’m just really proud of him, and to have witnessed his evolution heretofore as a fellow human being.

He’s an AWESOME father, an amazing business man, I have full faith in him as a successfully credible actor, and anything he dreams, because he’s a REALLY POWERFUL MAN and he’s a really freaking cool and open-hearted, open-minded person and I have personally seen him grow– through his freaking CELEBRITY WEBSITE BLOG, like that’s not the most ironic place of all things– an unbelievable amount in the last ten years, and I think it’s absolutely the most wonderful thing. He for me feels like a real friend; his website is THE only website I still go on that I did ten years ago; I basically have never had any kind of web loyalty to anyone or anything, except him. No idea why; there’s just something about him and about it that I find really cool.

I still have different perspectives from him on things, naturally. I just love witnessing him being a person as only he is; and the way he raises his children, and speaks to them in Spanish, the relationship he has with his mom and how FREAKING HILARIOUS she is, and they are, and his dog. Just everything about him, I think is great. The other day in the shower, must have been yesterday, because I just recently started seeing some of his things on Instagram and anyway, just the little bit that I know of him, the way he’s a dad, a son, a blogger, he goes to the gym, he does his podcast, he does his interviews on TV here and there, I was just seeing all these things he does– he takes ACTING classes, like, how does he have time to breathe! I am absolutely blown away.

I was saying to myself, “He has got to be THE busiest person on earth,” and then in this video that I just so HAPPENED to watch– because let me make this clear; I don’t read everything on his site; a lot of it I scroll through. I don’t listen to every podcast, I’ve listened to maybe five total CLIPS; I’ve never heard a full one. I don’t keep up with him religiously, but I do visit his site usually at least once a day, just to keep myself perked on different things for fun. My point of all this being, in this 13 minute video, which I watched the whole thing, he said something about how he is THE busiest person he has ever known, and he was basically SAYING OUT LOUD the things I was saying in my head to myself ABOUT him, the night before. Also, he was saying how he dances with his kids to Gloria Estefan channel on Apple Music. I WOKE UP with Gloria Estefan song (and made it song of the day yesterday) in my head. YESTERDAY. I HAVEN’T HEARD OF HER OR EVEN SAID HER NAME IN YEARS.

Now that I think of it, there were SO many other things in the video that he said, that resonated with me and felt like they were… It’s just kind of what I’m getting used to, on one level, and still there are times when things line up and shit happens and I’m literally like, “WHAT THE FUCK UNIVERSE THAT SHIT IS SO COOL; HOW YOU DO THAT, UNIVERSE! HOW YOU DO THAT, FOO!!!”)

There are other things, too, but those were two rather succinct points I was wanting to make. Or not even make, but illustrate. It just really blew me away when he said that. But I also have those things happen to me all day, every day, so in a WAY I’m getting used to them, and in a way you NEVER do, and you NEVER even want to, because they are so meaningful and so fun, and as he was talking about in his video, (this was a video unlike anything I had EVER heard him say before, ever, and it sounded like something which was coming directly from me) they let you know you are on the right trail.*** This was all added LAST. Now onto the rest of the post, which was written hours earlier.)

And now I just noticed that I think I can now go get water at the park, so this post is going to have to wait a bit more…

Okay three hours later (literally)…

I got water, hung out with my neighbors, got beer (for a friend– truth), cupcakes, french fries (all the major necessities in case of getting snowed in by AWESOME WEATHER like 90 degrees that are so fucking nice you never want to step foot inside of a store during the daytime again… That didn’t make sense but I’ve been awake for like, basically all day, so I give myself leeway when I should), did some other things, oh yeah, posted here. Okay. Still have to sew the button back on my dress that popped off during dinner.

Usually it’s my mouth (popping off), so a mere innocent button is a step up, I’d say. Really needing to brush my teeth as well. I’m SO happy the springs are back on! It’s amazing, too because the park has a website, and… well I won’t go into detail (not because I’m being mysterious but literally because it’s just like entirely completely pointless to explain) and the website basically TOLD me when the water was back on; I think I must have been one of the first people to know because I had it pulled up on my phone and randomly looked and it’s been off for days, maybe a week.


So I got spring water, which if you’re a nerd like me, is really really cool cause I’m like a water addict/connoisseur and now that I’m into spring water, it’s kind of hard to go back to tap. But I do what is required because I’m basically Pocahontas in disguise (now that I thought of her once today, it’s not going away).

I don’t know what the point of this writing was at all except…

Let me drink some water and put on chapstick and I’m sure I will recall.

And wipe myself after my pee 🙂

That’s probably first seeing as I’ve been sitting here writing and I have a feeling it’s just humid enough out where drip-dry won’t work. If you’re wearing cotton shorts, you can sometimes get away with it, but I’m not. I’m wearing the work of the devil; aka a dress.

Only joking; actually I’ve kept it on for like almost six hours now and it’s actually pretty comfortable.

Right now I’m sewing the button back onto the dress while it’s still on me. I feel like that’s a new party trick I just learned/made up.

From Little House On The Prairie.

But who’s judging.

Yeah, um. It’s harder than I thought. Never mind.

Not worth the glory or the fame. Or the paparazzi screaming my name outside of everywhere I go.


Alright. Now that the button is fixed, I feel this dress is a little run-of-the-mill, now that it no longer looks like I’m still using it to breastfeed my dog.

Only kidding; I never did that. I gave him formula.

Alright I’m going into the shower because showers are AWESOME and showers are GREAT. And sometimes I forget that showers await for me at the end of the day, like a magical pot of gold and it really makes me excited when I remember that they exist. So I am off to happy places AND I HOPE THAT YOU ARE TOO.





More Beauty And Incredible Things



Blue visiting at the neighbor’s in his chair.

I love you guys. Thank you ❤ So much love. Life is really amazing and I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. So incredibly blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Love love love.


My neighbors are right outside my window talking and they all have friends over, and their friends are always my friends and my friends are always theres. From May till October it’s like one big living room. It’s always some kind of party over here; there’s always somebody home, some people on the porch or some kids running around or something going on or somebody to talk to, and that’s why I adore it; I love it so much. I never knew neighbors like this existed and it’s so incredibly cool. Words can’t express how incredibly lucky I feel to live here.

If it were warm here all year round, I’d never want to ever leave, and that’s the truth. They’re just really real people and they are like family to me. I must have known them in another life because really, it’s like living with family next door. Plus there’s the other neighbors on the other side; the ones down the street, it’s just all over and it’s really, really cool. It makes the world feel like Mr. Rogers. (But we swear, or at least MAYBE I do, and walk around in towels until the other neighbors yell at us to stop– Kyle.)

Aside from that, there’s the view.








The sky was so beautiful today! Today the weather was gorrrrgeous and it actually still is at almost 8 PM. I love this weather SO MUCH.


This is me wearing a dress and high heels and this is Blue knowing that whenever I’m wearing a dress and high heels that it’s somewhere he probably can’t go.


And this is a picture which I took jokingly, but actually when I saw it, reminded me to clip my dirty nails before I left!!! (Which I’d been meaning to do all day!) (But I was SO BUSY that I forgot.) 😉 😉 😉


Liebster Award Answers… Again

So I won this random blogging award several years ago, where like, fellow bloggers nominate you and I didn’t know it was a thing, and I still DON’T really know if it’s a thing (see my article on award shows and how they keep making them up). But it was super nice of whoever nominated me back then; I think it was someone British, and you know, I always love them.

I found these answers when I was editing my blog (that whole re-organization thing I was talking about) and these were from like three or four years ago so I found them kind of fun to see and to compare. So here is what I wrote back then, in blue, and in pink I’m editing these and updating them just for kicks.

(I always think I’m so much cooler in hindsight than I am now.)

What inspires you to blog? Life. (Same.)

If you could live anywhere in the world (or beyond) where would it be? Some island I don’t currently know exists. (I can live anywhere in the world, and it’s Malibu mostly, also somewhere in Florida I haven’t currently determined (maybe Miami, I just need a place to go to in the winter where it stays warm), and my home city in upstate New York during the summer because I love that time of year there). I’ll have a plane and hop from place to place, depending on weather and things going on.

If you could only eat one cake for the rest of your life, what would it be? Any cake as long as it has the shitty really bad for you frosting that you buy in a grocery store. (Agreed. Spot on, I must say. These are parts of yourself that are integrated deep into your soul, and your answers will always be the same.)

What Disney character would you be?  I would have to shed a lot of myself to be any Disney Character. But Belle. Because she likes to read, lives in France, and The Beast turns into the hottest Disney prince. (He has long hair) (Yeah, agreed except, what the fuck do I care for in France? That’s like the last place ever I want to live. What the fuck. But agree he IS the hottest prince for sure and also, that’s basically it– because I don’t really like to read. But she does have brown hair. And I like the castle a lot so that gets higher points. Pocahontas is tied for first, for her asshole little pet who’s the cutest thing on earth and reminds me of Blue, and her living in nature, is also my top pick. Plus she is tan and never wears shoes and has really long hair and has a Grandmother Willow who sings. So it’s between those two.)

Marmite… lover or hater? I only know it by name. So not educated enough on the topic to say. (Still the same three or four years out, and I’m cool with it if it stays the same for my whole entire life.)

The one person that inspires you the most? Everyone always says their mom. So that’s my first thought just because my mind runs on cliches and social tropes almost as a joke. But in reality, no one I know personally.

All the people who inspire me most are artists (and what they produce, their philosophy on their work, etc.). And once I knew them personally, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t live up to my expectation (it would be largely impossible because I’m such a fan of great talent that my expectations would far succeed any single human’s ability to withstand them) that ultimately I’d have to just say my dog. Because he’s real and he inspires me to get up off the couch and do things I wouldn’t otherwise do.

It’s small, but all his contributions to my life are totally authentic and legitimate. I can’t really say that for any one person. I think people are extremely shitty and also extremely beautiful and I go back and forth on this depending on my mood, but today I’m choosing my dog. (Agree fully with everything here; except, I’d say also myself. My dog and myself inspire me fully because wheneer I feel inspired by anything, or anyone else (which happens a lot), it’s ME that’s being inspired and it’s always me who inspires me more, ultimately, to be who I am beyond anyone else. I’m always striving to catch up with me.)

One thing about you that you have never mentioned on your blog? If I keep writing long enough it’s only a matter of time before you see my entrails. But… I currently have to pee. (Yup. Toilet sitting now. Also, sweet answer from me years before, I must say. See? I’m regressing in my cool. I was WAY cooler back then. Only kidding. Kind of.)

Favourite film… of all time? Films are like children to me (children I never helped create or parent and just watched once or twice). I cannot pick a favorite because it’s constantly changing and I love so many. Anything by Pedro Amolodovar, Gus Van Sant, Wes Anderson. There are so many I’m missing. I really loved Mullholland Drive. I haven’t seen that in years but that was my favorite for awhile. (I don’t really watch movies any more, except for the ones I make up in my mind.)

Strangest or funniest thing a stranger has ever said to you? Oh this is a good one because it pertains directly to my blog. A woman whom I really adore and I hope she doesn’t read this and feel bad because I thought it was amazing, one time came up to me in the park and said, “By the way, is that you on your blog?” [In the photos] And I answered it was. And she’s like, “Oh! You looked so pretty– I didn’t recognize you.”

And I had only ever seen her at the dog park, where I’m you know, in sweatpants with no make up. So that was kind of brilliant because she meant it completely innocently and I just thought it was absolutely great. I agree– I don’t look like myself all the time. (Totally forgot about this one until I read it and I love it so much. Um… people say funny things to me in public all of the time. Funny and strange, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Favourite book that you can read over and over again and it never gets old? Ugh. The Great Gatsby. (That book is awesome but I don’t really read books any more either. If I do, I scan and it’s usually non-fiction, just for clarity or to find something out.)

When Your Neighbors Won’t Leave You Alone

Keep talking Kyle.

I’m just going to keep writing……


Today Is An Awesome Day

I’m really in a good swing right and I’m feeling really good and I just want to say again thank you and also, I’m re-formatting the blog in a way so that I think it’s much easier, more streamlined and good. So I’m making sure that each post only shows up in each category once, so that if you click on any of the Categories’ links, each thing will be unique and fresh to you.

I’m also going through and capitalizing all of my titles and making them a little bit neat 🙂

Then I’m going to write a little bit more to you because I enjoy it so much!

❤ xoxoxo