So Many Things I Love Here At Once

new love

alien greeeeeeeen

omg you guys wow

so i woke up after like i don’t really know but not many hours of sleep maybe two and i just realized i really ASFLKAJSDFLKASJFASHFJASKD love fishing. IT’S SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to get barbless lures

i know CNN is on the phone giving me own fishing show

oh man this thing is so fun i love fish they are so adorably cute!!!!!

i want to have thick gloves for handling them cause those things are freaking SPIKY you can get barbed yourself

it’s amazing to pull something LIVING out of the water it’s almost like giving birth i bet!!!!

it’s freaking UNREAL

the fish were jumping out there, too!!!!!!!!

i want to catch some real… i want to catch some real freaking crazy things

turtles!!! eels!!!! SHARKS!!!! BOA CONSTRICTORS!!!!!!!!!!


BULL SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT WHITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s making me excited to move to the water!!!!!


wow wow wowowowowowowowwoowowow

fishing is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love it i love it i love it i love

i wish i could show you pics of the fish from last night


people all everywhere are hanging up their poles

they were pretty cool kinds too

fish are AMAZING

before he speak his suit bespoke

and you thought he was cute before look at this peacoat tell me he’s broke



Thank You Guys So Kindly

for the reading

i was just up all night fishing with my pal. he always makes me laugh so much and i don’t have any idea why. he drives me crazy and i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!! just wanna bite him and melt all over him and snort him through my nose.

i am now headed off into dreamland after a dreamy shower and washing of my hair which always feels so good YEAH!!!!! YOU JUST GOTTTA LOVE IT

day after the show—> week


my dad and his friends camped out in the yard and when i woke up i got this full randomly placed new coffee out of the deal (it didn’t have all those stains on it when i originally took it)

i had just been thinking, “I could go for a coffee” and bam. there were two!!!

they must have gotten up at like 5 am to leave but my dad came back over later in the day to clean up more stuff. we had fun.



so many things have happened in a week

most of them i don’t even have pictures of!!!!

here are the things from the show i know you’ve been dying on your deathbed to see

i have got to tell you something

man i love life


pretty sure they did a cover of work work work work work

all kinds of artistic


man you guys got me back goin again

i thought this was artistic



so it’s been 8 days since i last posted!!!!!!!

it feels like… it feels like…. it feels like a very long time to me

today we went a little way up north to look at a beautiful home. well, we actually just went up to look at the location of the home. it is on a beautiful lake and i really like the vibe of the area. it is beautiful in the summer.

the air up there smells nice and wet, because of the water, lake air. it feels fresh. i like the smell of the air very much.

i love this dog SO much. in the last eight days he has only gotten unbelievably better and unbelievably cute.

he’s sitting on the end of my bed now. today, all the neighbors were gone and i was writing and recording and he didn’t know what to do with himself. he’s so funny when Jenny our neighbor and the kids aren’t home– and the neighbors on the other side of their house are also away for the summer, so that’s a good chunk of his fan-base, well…. he sometimes gets a little bored. it’s like all his friends being away at summer camp. i wasn’t in the mood to hop on my skateboard with him because i was doing more mental things but maybe later tonight or tomorrow i will. that gets him really worked up 🙂

as i was writing that, jenny pulled in. we just went into her garden. now that i started writing, there’s so many things i want to share with you.

i saw dead and company a week ago yesterday, last tuesday, they were awesome and amazing but let me say— above all that, the day itself was just magic.

here’s a video of them playing last night at Citi Field– this one is for you, traveling-kind

man i love this song SO much (by the way i’m now reading your post on the tour, traveling-kind and i saw grilled cheese and balloons and hugs and all that other shit and i was like damn, i have to read this once i’m done writing this. it’s an absolutely fucking amazing world isn’t it?!?!?!?! unlike anything i have EVER ever ever ever seen.)

blue wanting to kill me for being so boring and writing and making recordings


my friend shane made me a cd with this song on it with dead and company playing on, it sounds like kimmel, but anyway i love this song SO much and i love john mayer speaking of john i had a dream about him last night, here…

IMG_0820 (1)


by the way when i said candy bar i meant like those things at the movies, a candy BAR like with skittles falling out of the clear plastic boxes and those shovels belonging to each one, on a curly rubber wire string. the thing was a mess. so was his hair.

by the way last night i was cleaning my car and i kept catching him…

every time i looked away he’d be on a mat.


but back to john mayer sleeping in an elevator consisting of candy

You Can Tell Who’s In Town


Getting Ready For The Show

and bikinis

so psyched with these suits

i’m a genius at color

this shampoo is so amazingly sick so happy with it and also this nars matches perfectly (easy lover)

blue follows me around and tells me if things look good or not with his eyes

the leopard one is old school from graduation, it’s from MIAMIIIII everything else is walmart the other day– fucking most awesome suits in the world

You’ll Always Be My Shave Cream

proud of my shirt, my new rug which i will have until i’m 105 years old because it’s just that cool, and the fact that i [sometimes] go pee on the toilet

just tried these shampoos (conditioner) and it is amazing

it genuinely works. i left the conditioner in for a mad long time while i shaved my legs and brushed my teeth and my hair feels quantifiably awesome already.

By Far The Best Version I Have Seen

Very Exciting Day For Me

as i just purchased my first can of shaving cream

such a proud day

my legs do feel really good


So In Love With This Dog

i walked outside and he’s just laying there like this

for no reason

he has a bed with three blankets on the porch and three options for chairs with cushions on them at the neighbors, but apparently the driveway looked good

sometimes he just wants to be like a regular dog, ya’ll

sometimes he just wants to be like a regular dog

My Dad Just Called Me To Tell Me

mayer’s on top of his game

according to boston


this is what it looks like when he calls from the landline

(it’s his dog Noon’s home, really)

I Like This One

i call it period blood, they call it rosso efesto

tomato, bloodato

i like that color but i actually want them to make one for me like this

I Totally Forgot This Line

these lines

I step in Def Jam building like I’m the shit

Tell ’em “Give me fifty million or I’m a quit”

totally blew me away

i feel so proud of him like i’m going to cry

(i thought $50M was a lot of money back then)


if you wanna know my favorite part, it’s 5:12

Gotta Say

listening to this song WITHOUT the video, i just can’t

but i remember where i was the night when i saw this and it totally freaking blew me away

i just love this video so much

i had never seen anything like it before

thats what ye does