Ginger Tea

It's not that kind of ginger, Ron.

Not that kind of ginger, Ron.

You know you’re a lazy cook when this sounds like too much effort. Sometimes just making something once is enough to get me over the hump. That’s what happened with this tea. Now I drink it every day. It’s suggested in Ayurvedic medicine, and supposedly it helps stoke your metabolism. I just like the taste.




tea kettle or something more modern with which to heat your water

1. Slice the ginger. I think thinner is better, to create more surface area, but it probably doesn’t even matter. Sometimes I cut it into smaller pieces, and other times I’m laz–I mean, I’m “more respecting of my time” and just do larger chunks.

2. Heat the water.

3. When the water is boiling, throw the ginger in the water, or the water in the ginger. This is one of those recipes where, believe it or not, it’s alright to reverse the order of adding ingredients. Just trust me on this.

*I like to put the ginger in a metal thermos and the water into it. I sip it throughout the day. Spicy.


Post-recipe game plan:

4. Prepare to fall in love with this strangely refreshing, yet elegantly simple tea.

5. It sounds exotic, and you can impress all your friends with your fresh ginger tea. (But don’t try to pull that crap with me.)