Mercury Retrograde

Quick note, perhaps of interest or perhaps not.

Mercury went retrograde October 21st and will remain so through November 10th, which is the reason I haven’t been writing and don’t plan to again until after it stations direct.

Generally, in terms of writing, I use Mercury retrograde as a time to lay low and reflect. I don’t write as easily or as well during this time and focus is at a premium. It is difficult for me to work in abstractions and communication in general is murkier than usual.

Yes, this is what astrologers tell you to expect, but from years now of studying myself under this influence, I believe this to be actually true, and not subjectively so, or simply a case of self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have been enjoying this current retrograde period as a more introspective and reflective time of learning and going deeper into some spiritual practices which happened to find me at the right time. I have still been writing, but my focus is scattered. For example, I’ve started about fifteen pieces without feeling true conviction or finality, so they will either get finished and published at a later date, or they may fall by the wayside as I move on to more pressing and current affairs.

It is a rare time that I lack inspiration; it is usually a matter of eliminating all but what I feel most passionate about at the moment. In this case, it’s just a feeling like I’m floating around and can’t land solidly on any one single thing. So instead of writing and exporting my experience, I’m using the retrograde to focus on experience itself, and not the act of communicating and sharing it– just yet.

The last post is the only one I plan on posting until after Mercury goes direct (with an proceeding “shadow period” of indeterminate length). I may make it a practice not to post during Mercury retrograde in the future, but I couldn’t help testing fate with the last one. 😉

So the take-away is that I’m enjoying this natural sort of down time the universe has given me and I think it will ultimately bring more light and enlightenment to my life experience and writing. I already feel a shift and I am very excited to share all the changes with you when the time is right.

Stay safe, love your loves, and hold off on buying that new computer or cell phone (or car) until mid-November. If you think I’m bat-shit crazy, google Mercury retrograde and give it an open-minded glance.

Or just look around and see what areas of technology, communication, and transportation are going haywire around you.

Hint: Do not try to buy a new printer and install it during this time…

Sorry, Grandma :-/