The Elegant Holiday Fig


Today I can’t stop eating figs. In fact, for the last week, I’ve had trouble prying myself away. In honor of this addictive fried druit, I would like to offer a recipe that I created myself. Oh, did I say fried druit? I meant dried fruit. Fried druit is actually not that healthy. I don’t include recipes for fried things here.

What you will need:

Grocery store or fig tree

A hand (or two)


What you will do:

1) Go to the grocery store or local fig tree

2) Pick a fig from a tree, or pick a package of figs from the fruit department

(This is where that hand will come in handy)

3) Eat like the addictive crack they are, and try to limit yourself to… no more than the entire package in one sitting.

Bon appetite.



Seriously, if you haven’t tried figs– they are like the candy of the fruit world, and their texture is kind of like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. There are a lot of different kinds, and some of them can be quite fancy and expensive, and others less so. I think they all taste great and are fun to experiment with.

But no matter which kind of fig you choose, they are SO good and I personally much prefer them to Fig Newtons (those bastards of the cookie world). In fact, I think figs have been helping wean me off my Halloween candy come down. I hear they have more fiber than Twix. And it’s just a guess, but I think they’re slightly healthier, too.

Figs can actually be used in real-life recipes and apparently they’re kind of elegant (I happen to eat mine from a drawer), but I prefer to eat my food as fresh as possible. That way, I don’t have to actually cook anything.

Alright, the elephant in the room. I’ll address it.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m like the non-cooking version of Gwyneth. And yes, I am. I get that all the time. And thank you, for recognizing kindred spirits in good taste when you see them.

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