Everyone Has A Recipe

That’s been passed down in their family for years, and it’s like this genetic family secret that you have to sleep with someone in order to find out.


This isn’t one of those occasions.

The main thing here is that, it’s just a really fucking good recipe and not many people know about it now.

And I kind of created it, when I was at the Culinary Institute of Really Fucked Up Tired and also wanting to eat.

This is a recipe I lovingly call, “French fries from the night before, dipped in frosting”. And it’s so much easier than you might imagine.

I just LOVE recipes that are basically explained fully in the title; Don’t YOU?

This wholesome recipe incorporates two of my all-time favorite foods, and it’s actually vegan, and really well-balanced for the whole entire family.

You can eat this for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

You’ll need:

Leftover french fries (I used the spicy seasoned kind here)

Buttercream frosting from the store. Ask the ladies at the bakery to scoop you out some fresh; they know.

And once you have your ingredients, it REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

I forgot I had recipes on this blog and I took a picture yesterday but didn’t really know where to post it, and lucky for you, I remembered about my very successful cooking section, so you now get to see it, here.

This is the final product.


Would you look at the texture on that thing? Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. Your skills may take a little time to sharpen like mine, but have faith in yourself that they will.

I have actually been working very closely with schools, and I think that at some point soon, this is going to be a staple on the menu (it combines two major food groups of mine, vegetables, and sugar. Okay, well one major food group of mine.)

Childhood health, and you know, being an adult as I am, adult health as well, are subjects that are very near and dear to my heart. If I can help steer schools in the right direction with my great ideas, I am more than (more than more than more than) happy to help.

(I do wash my hands. Trust me. That’s just paint.

And salt.

And spice.)

And buttercream frosting on TOP OF A SLIGHTLY AGED FRENCH FRY



Julia Child’s Fairy God Daughter


(Just trust me.)

(It’s real.)



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