What’s Your Element

I Keep Actually Trying To Do Things…

And then I keep getting inspired to write. This one’s going to be quick, I’m in the middle of a million thousand things that are all really good and I’m like juggling them halfway over and over until they all slowly like sand-way end up getting done.

This weather to me is like balm. There’s no words to describe. I’m literally in heaven with this. And the change in my life is when the weather is warm, is quantifiably so. The reason I’m writing this post is because of an idea that just came to me about finding your element.

Writing is my element. This weather is my element (I just checked and it’s 93 degrees, humidity 30%). Fresh air is my element. Being free is my element. My dog is my element. Cotton is my element. The ocean is my element. Sunshine is my element. Bare footed is my element. The ground is my element. Black coffee is my element.

The closer to your element it is, the better it feels. The more intense or natural or energetic or close to your heart or lovely or passionate or true that it feels.

Things that are like, second nature to you, an extension of you, something that just feels like as natural as breathing to you. Or something that’s exciting or something that gives you joy or fascinates you or pulls you in, or like pulls you at the seams because you’re so obsessed and it feels like a never-ending world of wonderment that you’ll never get to the bottom of, and you know you never will, but you want to spend the rest of your life trying.

(I didn’t really illustrate that in my examples above, but that’s exactly what I mean.)

Those things that just feel so REAL to you that they make you find your place in the world and in life, and whatever is most beautiful to you, and whatever makes you feel like you belong the universe is somehow your home. Those things that just make you feel like you’re excited for life and you’re happy to be alive, because you literally feel like you came here to be living among things like this. (People like this, places like this, People like this.)

It doesn’t even have to be a lot of things, it’s almost like, the purity is what matters, the purity is what counts, not the number, because you focus on one thing and it ends up surrounding you.

I think this is the key to life. I think this is the MAGIC to life. If you can find your element and create your element, and acknowledge your element and know your element. Be in your element, whatever that is.

There are a lot of things that I know, that I have trouble putting into words. They’re like, these mental abstractions, but not even so much mental, they’re partly visual, and they’re partly feeling, and they’re partly other-realm or other-world. And I keep realizing that we are these streams of energy, and there ARE these streams of energy, and we can (in the human perception and mind) divide them into elements of feeling, or time, or visualizations, and probably I’m not even being at all clear.

But that we can enter into these streams and just go. And the more in your element you are, the more amazing it feels. You get to choose which element you are in. And because we are kind of living in a dream, that has aspects of a materialized state, which means matter, so matter is a thicker kind of energy, so it takes a little longer to form. It’s like the difference between water and air, or water and rock. Air is the “thinnest”, the most malleable form of energy, in that example, water the next, and then rock the next.

The more you inhabit the stream in your mind, the more your life materializes around you in that way.

You can love and appreciate a whole lot of things, but I think the absolute most amazing results are when you focus incrementally upon one or two streams, one or two feelings, one or two things, and then watch it go.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense, and it’s just something I kind of stumbled across, and today my day started out really amazingly in this one place and it’s somewhere I am feeling to continue to go, and there’s all these like, “doors” or “realms” opening up to me today that I had forgotten or didn’t even know they were there, for example, yesterday.

And it’s like, just a better, deeper version of knowing yourself. Sometimes it feels like the only thing in life I’m trying to do is keep up with myself, like there’s some form of higher greatness that I am, on some energy level, and then there’s me here, and the me here is always chasing that dream version of me, in the higher, better realm. It’s like the more-evolved version of me, and the more I follow those streams and let myself go where it takes me, it feels like I’m being the higher, fuller version of me, and all these things start coming out of the woodwork that I actually love and I start feeling really connected and good and like, remembering my place and just feeling like a part of the universe again, within myself.

Maybe you get what I mean.

Have a happy stream 🙂

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