On A Whim

I found this the other day in the store and I picked it up for no reason other than I liked it (the greatest reason of all). I’m strangely getting into graphic novels lately and although I don’t usually have the attention span to read the entire thing, or in chronological order, there’s something about the energy of the blending between a movie and book that seems inherently my speed.

These pictures, just glancing through them, make me so glad.

I THINK the illustrator is Nara Lee.


It’s people who fly and it’s like the Boxcar Children, but really cool. (Actually the Boxcar Children are really cool, too.)

I’m trying to figure out who draws these things because I’m absolutely blown away. What’s manga?

Japanese people… they’ve got such a THING.

This book is highly confusing in so many ways, but it’s something I really enjoy.

Who is Nara Lee, what is manga and who the fuck drew these?

Answers; we may never know.


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