Getting Our Oil Changed

We have the most awesome mechanic; they just are super nice, incredibly knowledgable, talented, and they are ALWAYS singing. Really badly, really off-key. It’s my kind of people.

I feel at home.

They adore Blue. Can’t say enough good things about them. They are the Blue Bagus Bank Robber of automotive mechanics.

Actually, speaking of Gary’s, that’s the owner’s name, and apparently, he was out early for a fishing tournament today. There couldn’t BE a better day to be out on a lake fishing. Hope he does great.


Something about train tracks, I have an affinity for. —“For which I have an affinity.” — Sorry.

There’s something about train tracks, for which I have an affinity. Jesus.

There’s something about the tracks of a train, for which I have an affinity.

For which I have an affinity for.

Just kidding. I’m done.


best m8



That’s a swamp.


Affinity for.





Basically, getting a photo of a long jacket with it being on you, is really, really hard and requires more abs and longer arms than I have access to. This is not the first day I have tried, and now it’s becoming a personal goal to achieve it.



Making light of a situation that is eating me in my soul.



All I ever want to do is take a picture with him and it’s the hardest thing to do. He’s too famous, and he’s too aloof.



You can still dream.


Steel collage via me

(Or, as I like to say, “Lil JJ the second”.)


The man who did our oil said, “Oh did you go swimming?” I didn’t think it was that obvious until I saw this.

LOOK AT THAT FUR! He looks like a stuffed animal who’s been way too loved.

73 more years left.

77 Bub, 77.


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