I Never Cared About Like,

proposal videos or “having a wedding” or “being engaged” (okay, the last one isn’t true. Ever since I found out Oprah and Stedman are actually engaged, I kinda wanted to go there, and just never follow through on the wed.


I make all of my life decisions based on Oprah; don’t you?

Okay, tea leaves and Oprah. And whims.

Scientifically speaking, the three most reliable methods of all time.)

Until I clicked on this song. (Just today. As in, five minutes before.)

And now all I can think about is that I want someone to re-make this video for me.

Or I want to have a wedding JUST so that they can do this entire dance.

Mainly because.

It’s the most romantic song in the world.




I genuinely never even CARED about proposal videos; I always thought they were cheesy and like, if people loved them, that is cool, but I never wanted anyone to do that with me. If someone did that with me, then it would mean they didn’t know me. I’m not the proposal video type. I’m not even the wedding video type, or the type to even have a wedding.

The greatest wedding I’ve ever been to, was my sister’s.

And I wasn’t invited.

And it was the best day of my life.

(Not making a judgment on anyone who does; it’s just not my style. My style is more like, when you’re having sex, just spit it out and then like, hand me a ring. Or, recognize the fact I’m super picky and you probably wouldn’t choose one that I’d forever like, so take me to the store when we finished putting clothes on, and let me pick one out myself. I’m not even sure I’d want anyone to get down on one knee. It just seemed kinda silly to me, like no relevancy anymore to me at all. My idea of romantic is like, way beyond any of that.

Changing diapers, getting up in the middle of the night when you have kids, being a best friend, driving places, paying bills, being funny, being kind to people on the street. Being happy, being real, being honest with yourself. Integrity, clarity, confidence, talent, creativity, and love. THAT TO ME IS ROMANTIC. Nothing wrong with flowers, but romance to me is like, a character trait or being, it isn’t something that you can take a picture of, or send an invite to, or that the world can necessarily see. It takes five minutes out of the year to buy someone flowers and pick out a card (and sign your name) it takes an entire year, day in and day out, of being who you are, that, to me is what’s romantic. It’s not something you can turn on and turn off with a switch, or that changes with Hallmark’s tides.)

Then I found this song.

This song says it all. (Ignore everything I ever said above, because THIS IS THE NEW IDEA OF ROMANCE.)

This song turned me into a die-hard.


I have turned a corner. I am done with my old ways. I am now a traditionalist at heart. Rick Astley converted me to the truth.

I know now what is love.

(It’s in the dance routine.)



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