Heading Out To A Party

I’m proud to say it’s LEGITIMATELY CHILLY TODAY. 66 Mo fucking degrees. With wind.

(Proud that my temperature standards are moving toward one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Dude. That word is a bitch to spell. I’m usually pretty good. It must be German.)

But in the sun it’s nice. I’m going to an outdoor thing and I’m going to stand as much in the sun as I can. Because I’m cold and hot today, I came up with a brilliant outfit.

Shorts by Walmart- Pajama section, purchased today. I’m in love. My sister is the one who first taught me about finding clothing in their pajama section; she’s THE INVENTOR of nightgowns for dresses, specifically from there.

She’s the best.

Even if you can practically see her birth canal when she wears it.


Sweater, cashmere from something I don’t feel like finding the tag for.

Also, I rarely do wear make up but today you caught me on a day so here is me with MASCARA TOO!

The best, classic old design. Maybelline. Great Lash. Hot pink and green bottle. Blackest black.

This is my dog, trying to go with me. (Above.)

So I’m already two hours late… and I still have to get marshmallows.

And brush my teeth.

The one time you DO wear makeup, you sometimes want to take pictures of it like, to save up extra credit or something, or commemorate. Like, “REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME.”

This is how you have to take pics when you have no full length mirror in your house and you’re trying to show your sister what you are going to wear because you finally stole her style.



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