By The Way,

Here’s that Tarte lip gloss (lip paint, so aptly titled, which, no wonder why I love it, plus it’s kinda mint). I don’t normally take pictures of things whilst I am driving, unless the pictures are really important and time-sensitive, such as these.


Actually, this is just a secret Toyota ad. They are paying me millions. So please, buy a Toyota. Now. And then you can have nails like me. 🙂

(Which were taken last night.)

Also, here is a picture of me having a realization moment of a reliable way to finally get pictures with my dog.


(I was not driving here. I think.)

And lastly, a photo of the sky. ❤



    1. Awww! You are SO sweet. I was just admiring your name! Maybe it is!?! I don’t know! Do they ship? Sephora must! I think I’ve only gotten anything from Sephora in a store, but I bet there’s a way of you getting it! I bet it would look lovely on you!! ❤ ❤ ❤ It has a nice minty taste, too! All the loooove,

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