Malibu vs. LA <3

This may sound really funny because I have always really loved the ocean, and I still do. That’s been the draw for me about Malibu. I really like the ocean and I like lots of land. And the two places I like the most out there both have between (I believe, don’t quote me) 1.5-3.something acres of land.

I like having a lot of land, which is something I learned by living here now (this one is on almost an acre), and especially with having a dog like the one that I do, who really likes to run and play ball, and meander around, having a big yard has been pretty sweet.

So I like the ocean and the nature thing with Malibu. (Plus, I LOVE WHALES.) MALIBU HAS WHALES. I read an article from a Malibu paper online the other day that had this quote that I saved, about how these whales come up so close to the shore sometimes, that people can hear them breathe (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I thought I was going to explode from excitement. I’m even feeling that way now, just regaling it to you.

On the other hand, there’s something I also really, really like about LA, and I’d say that it seems to me it’s more sunny and maybe a little bit warmer on average (like, the climate isn’t to neutralized by the sea), and also a part of me LIKES being in-land, the sturdiness of that, and also the architectural design. I’m not that chic myself as a human, but I can appreciate some of the more modern design.

Mainly, because of the way they utilize elements and let in the light, and the way the house can almost disappear, the lessening of boundaries between inside and out, and the way that nature can BECOME the design, because you’re looking through glass straight through to outside.

One of my favorite things in life is indoor/outdoor living. It isn’t so much for me an aspect of life– it’s a way of it. I do it every day here, as long as the weather is nice. I’m just an outside kind of person.

I just mean, to me, it’s important to be able to walk outside in your bathrobe or your pajamas, straight away into the day, into the sunlight and just play ball with your dog on a whim.

And write outside, paint outside, watch movies outside, hang your laundry outside, do your yoga outside, chat with your neighbors outside, just live and BE outside. You can leave the door open and just waltz in and out all day.

Or at the very least, I love having the windows open and being in natural light. Fresh air, sunlight and warmth of climate are all amazing to me.

I like the houses in Malibu that are actually on the bluffs, and which have their own beach. I love the water so much, but I feel like I like a little space between me and it, plus I love the birds eye view, plus those are the ones that tend to have the most yard.

I know me, and I know that if I’m going to live near the beach, I have to have my own beach right there, or else I probably wouldn’t ever go. It has to be something where I can just walk right outside and down a beaten path, and know that it’s mine and it’s always there. One of my favorite things in the world is being able to easily walk places without having to drive. Plus, if you have a dog in the same way as me, which means you bring him basically everywhere, and you want to know he can always be at the beach with you. (To see the whales, which are his telepathic friends. I wrote a book about it once, so that’s how you KNOW that it is true. Actually, maybe they were more like a set of visualized flashcards. Anyway, I digress.)

The yards in LA seem to be kind of small; which, if I didn’t have a dog, or the kind of dog that I have, who is kind of an earthy animal, I probably wouldn’t mind; in fact, it could be a plus. I LOVE the Hollywood Hills homes, because theres’s something SO magical to me, about the views from the hills. Looking out over all of the people and all of the lights, is almost on par to me with the ocean, in fact, in some strange way, to me, it is.

The other thing is, I think I’ve just gotten spoiled from having (in my estimation) so much land and so much yard, and also, I really like to paint, and I do that outside because I love being outside and also because it’s such a holy mess, but really, mostly, because I just love being outside. So some of these more modern places, it almost feels like there isn’t enough space or enough yard where I’d be able to really fuck it up. And the houses are so neat, and they’re totally white, and I’d be making them paint-filled and all blue (I DO use other colors, but for some reason it always seems to be blue that gets all over me and all the white in my home).

That’s what I like about Malibu, is that there’s space in the yard to spread out. LA seems to me, in some ways, to be the condominiums of homes. Like, even if you have a home, it’s still on a small space. Definitely can be a cool thing, depending on what you are wanting.

I like it when you can walk right out of your house, and still have a ton of natural space to just live and do whatever you please. Plus, no matter how beautiful your man-made surroundings, there’s something to be said about the importance of natural beauty, which cannot be denied. No matter how nice your home is, at least for me, how pretty is your yard and how much can you enjoy your yard and how much time can you spend in your yard, is like, always the mainest* thing.

(*I’m not waiting for Merriam-Webster to catch up.)

So I guess in that regard, I’m leaning toward Malibu still being my fave. I’ll always LOVE LA homes and the freshness of modern design (Malibu has some of that, too, for sure) and the clean textures and lines and the kind of “leading-edge” inventiveness of these amazing, incredible minds. And also, I love the kind of styles of like, the ones in Beverly Hills (I just always imagine Kris Jenner and her stairs and the black and white tiled floor– I just found out her home is in Hidden Hills, which, I don’t know where that is, but I get the general idea).

I like old architecture a lot, and I love the way some of the things used to be made, but I’ve been leaning toward a fresher approach for some reason– I literally remember where I was and the moment that it happened (during summer of last year), where I thought I was having a stroke because for the first time in my life I felt as if I wanted modern, or at the very least, new construction– because my whole entire life, everything I had ever stood for, had been old architecture and design. It hit me like a flash and I’ve never been quite the same again. There’s something to me that’s really cool about the freshness of something that’s new. Plus it’s way easier to clean.

Generally, I prefer lower square footage to some of the really LARGER designs, because you still always want it to feel like a home, but at the same time, it’s nice to have your space to go off on your own, while still being there. So, balance is key 🙂 (A thing I thought I’d never say, and still fully don’t believe, but, it has a nice ring.)

I just came across this architect today, his name is Paul McClean and his website’s really beautiful.

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