There’s always something new to want. Don’t get frustrated with where you are– because it is always changing!!!! AND AS LONG AS your mind CAN change, then YOUR LIFE CAN follow; AND IT WILL!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not the end! Once you achieve your dream it doesn’t mean you’ve now done it all; there always is a new horizon and something more to want or do, and when you realize that, you release the pressure you’d otherwise be putting on ANOTHER PERSON or that thing you just achieved, to make you happy forevermore.

Nothing is going to satisfy you forever; you’ve got to keep discovering new horizons and new dreams, and that’s where the satisfaction comes. Life is an eternally-expanding, eternally-evolving thing. Nothing is static and everything breathes. Once you realize that, life can be a lot more fun and you can let everyone and everything else of the hook of the idea of “This has got to be making me happy from this day onward, forever more.”

  1. Let yourself dream and don’t take into consideration HOW things are going to happen, WHEN they are going to unfold, and whether or not anyone would tell you you’re crazy for wanting it or believing it will come true.
  2. When you truly want something, don’t take no for an answer, because the universe really does listen to you and it really does make things happen and unfold in ways you never would have imagined or sometimes even believed, but if you keep your mind open.
  3. Talk about it with people who share your vision or your dream, or don’t share it at all. Don’t let anything they say keep you from believing in what it is you want.
  4. One last thing; your dreams and your passions and your desires, it doesn’t matter what they are, they are important and they matter to you. Sometimes, we are taught that it’s okay to have dreams about like, things that THE WORLD thinks are important, but you can’t help but wanting what you want. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. THE FACT THAT YOUR DREAMS ARE NOT CULTURALLY-SANCTIONED OR APPROVED BY OTHERS IS THE BEAUTY OF YOUR DREAMS. THEY HAPPEN TO YOU AND THEY ARE THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD. THEY ARE THE PUREST PART OF YOU. Don’t apologize to anyone for having your dreams and don’t diminish them within yourself. Whatever it is you want, it doesn’t matter what it is, only YOU get to decide what is important to you, nothing is too big or too small and nothing is too silly or shallow. You are HERE in THIS LIFE to be you, and there’s a meaning behind what it is you want, even if you can’t see the whole, bigger picture just yet. Trust yourself to know yourself and follow through with THAT.


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