Impress Yourself

You know, it’s kind of funny cause I joked around about wanting to impress my sister (well I didn’t actually say that, or use those words, and that wasn’t even what I meant) but the concept came to me about that when I was writing about her yesterday.

Just the idea of like, compliments and impressing people. And compliments are awesome, compliments are great.

Something that I’ve noticed is that, this is true for me and whenever something is true for me in this INNATE INHERENT way, I extrapolate it to be true for all other human beings. Not like, “It’s true for me that I prefer Netflix to Hulu.” I mean, like, this is an inherent truth.

You know, whether you want to discover it or not is another.

But something that I’ve learned is that the only validation and success we are after is actually within ourselves. In other words, and the original reason for this post is that, the only person in the entire universe that we REALLY want to impress, is us.

If you think about it, it’s true. I’m literally the one with the highest standards in every way for me. The only person I can ever let down is me, by not living up to the highest esteem I have set, in whatever capacity that is. And the only person who can ever leave me satisfied and fulfilled, is me, too, because I’m the only one who ever knows or not if I’ve reached my mark!

I’m the ONLY one who ever knows if and when I’m doing my best and rising to the things I want to achieve, or not. There are myriad outside reaches of success, but the only ones that ever FEEL good, are the ones you’ve set within yourself.

It’s about being in alignment with me, with myself. And that’s really all that there is.

So when Madonna says, “Impress Yourself” (hay hay hay hay), listen to her.

She’s right!

(They captioned the song title wrong, but that’s alright. Not everyone knows Madonna’s true meaning as well as me.

Or, maybe they titled it right and she was actually talking about this.)


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