AMG G65– Last Post!!!!!! (Of Today)

Okay I’m just going to do one more because this one has been on my mind all day. I referenced it earlier in a post and look I’m on the fence because I KIND of am into the idea of driving a car that is good for the environment.


The color of this car has got me hooked.


I’m not doing anything RASH and also I GENUINELY and LEGITIMATELY love my Prius. My Prius is amazing and awesome and is literally the best ever car.

Nice cars, I’m kind of neutral in some ways; I really appreciate them, but they aren’t high on my list of things that I really care about one way or the other, but I just love this car so much, mostly for the special range of colors they have. I also like the one called, Galacticbeam. (The second one I show here.)



MERCEDES, DO THIS CAR IN A GREEN (NOT THE COLOR) VERSION. Because it’s REALLY so cool but like, I don’t think I could ever drive something that I just KNEW was THAT unhealthy for the Earth. Maybe something will happen that changes my mind one way or the other but I’d really like to see some kind of technology made mainstream where you can drive a car like this and it’s significantly less use of fuel or fuel emissions than I imagine it is today 🙂

So putting that one on the dream burner and while I’m at it, I’ll just leave you with this lovely picture here 🙂



For me, it’s literally more about appreciating a car company that makes such cool and creative colors of their vehicles, than anything else. One of my all-time favorite concepts in existence is that of high/low, which is like where, you wear something from Walmart and something from Louis Vuitton, for example. Or how like my favorite restaurant is McDonald’s AND… I don’t really go out to eat that often or have really high preference because I honestly don’t care too much one way or the other about food (hence, McDonald’s) but probably the nicest one I’ve been to lately is Morton’s (as in, Morton Hears A Who… or, wait…). But anyway like, I just love the juxtaposition of things that are “really nice” and things that are “really basic”. I love things that are done well, and that always just depends on WHAT IT IS THEY ARE TRYING TO DO.

Old Navy flip flops are the fucking best at what they do. They’re functional, they’re like $3, they’re comfortable, they’re easy to wear, they come in every conceivable color. Like, they totally hit the mark. You don’t get a lot more for spending $100 on a comparable flip flop, because for the basic flip flop, they are (arguably, I’m just pulling this example out of thin air) the best.

McDonald’s isn’t TRYING to be high-end. They’re trying to be exactly what they are doing, which is why they are succeeding and why they are great. Same thing with Walmart, for example. And same thing with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, etc. on the opposite end of the spectrum– they aren’t TRYING to be affordable or accessible to the usual crowd. They’re trying to create something to ATTAIN.

It’s all a matter of what your intention is, and whether or not you are hitting THAT mark, not any other. So anyway, my whole point of all of that being, that I love when a “serious” car company like Mercedes-Benz does these colors that are so creatively playful and cool. I love the juxtaposition of that SO much, and so more than anything here about anything else, that is really what made me fall in love with these cars and this idea.

One more of the funny things about this, too. Looking into the interior of these cars, I know I’m getting soft as I go through this life, but when I got my Prius, the first thing I asked for was if they had leather seats and I was told those were rare in a Prius, and I ended up just not getting them, and I’ve actually enjoyed not having them, although my last two cars had them, and I really enjoyed them, especially with having a dog.

That said, I’m not saying it’s right or it’s wrong. I’ve been a HUGE leather lover my whole life. I, out of anyone I have ever met, am VERY particular about my natural materials and fibers; they have a different energy and I really prefer natural materials to man-made things. (LAMINATE AND HARD WOOD FLOORING ARE NOT THE SAME THING AND YES I CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE.) But for some reason I’m having this inclination to want to do things that are more peaceful-feeling to me, and that seemingly includes less leather.

It’s a change I never imagined myself to make– even in all the times in my life where I’ve gone vegan and vegetarian and this or that; giving up leather was something I never really thought I would do. And I’m not saying I would throw away anything I have or that I’d never buy a piece again, but I’m feeling this leaning toward like, less and less of an inclination toward wanting to go out of my way to own or obtain leather things.

So, I’m totally not making a moral judgment or assessment at all, whatsoever. I’m just finding myself being inspired my, for some reason, this kind of idea of like, “sustainable” materials and “recycled” things. And things I can feel good about, all the way through.

So I just noticed that kind of preference within myself when I was looking at these interiors and I thought that was an interesting change.



(Sunsetbeam and Solarbeam, respectively)

I added some other of their special-edition type colors that I think you may enjoy, which are just really especially cool to me.

❤ xoxo

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