I’m Going Out To Jump On The Trampoline*

*Update: I didn’t really jump on the trampoline.

So I found this song…. a month ago, to be exact.

I have to be honest with you (well, I don’t, but I will– I could also method-act my way through and pretend I never cried at all) I cried when I saw this video. It totally just like… Something in it, it like released something in me. These guys are TOO SWEET.

They make marriage look like it can actually be fun. Plus their baby Willa is so cute. Like, so incredibly cute.

Their family totally kills me in all the good ways. I LOVE this song; I couldn’t stop listening to this song for DAYS. My neighbors probably wanted to KILL me. But it was so fucking good I didn’t even care. I just couldn’t stop!!!!

*Hannah Hooper– sounds like a Sesame Street character. That’s sick.

(I don’t wanna tell you what to do, but I am telling you what to do. If you go on her Instagram and see pictures of her baby and also her and Christian, you might start crying, too. My eyes are welling up and I’m like two pictures in. But…… It’s probably the onions in the grocery store a mile away.)

Plus like, dude… if you’re checking out her Instagram, their house is really sick. Like, really sick. I love that picture of the naked baby with the stroller in the bathroom. They have GOOD TASTE. Also, that baby who is always pushing her stroller, don’t even get me started. Don’t even. Get me. Going.

And now I’m feeling that way again (I’m jumping around here, but what I’m referring to here is that I’m feeling like my neighbors are once, more, going to petition to kill me because this song is about to be on PLAY for the next rest of the day). I think this video is so cool and I LOVE the fact that they are married and have a family and are in a band together and I love this band; this band has been one of my favorites for YEARS. They are ONE OF THE BEST at happy, fun, feel-good music that you can go crazy to.

Plus, Elle Fanning.

These guys are SO FUCKING GOOD. So do yourself a favor and listen to them because you can’t NOT be in a good mood when listening to this and I’m telling you, H and C will make your heart sing for how adorably cute they are together.


Everything about her Instagram. I am obsessed with this. Literally. Everything.


I had Robert Frost poem playing in my head in the shower last night and freaking what the fuck do you know, she captioned something from Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening… And Bukowski.

Ya. Okay, Hannah Hooper. Keep living in my head and using all my dreams. You FREAKING GODDESS YOU.

But seriously, though… everything about everything on here is great. TOO MUCH COOLNESS TOO MUCH LOVE.





IF YOU LOVE THEM here’s an interview of this.


(It was a really cool article but I’d be lying if I said I made it through the whole thing. That’s my reading for the day!!! And the fact that I’m wearing this Great Gatsby sweatshirt, which, basically, always get me by.)

Sometimes I get a little bit carried away with CAPS LOCK but it’s ultimately, all for the best.

Oh shit I also have to go buy some balloons.


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