This Is Really Cool: Gisele


The end of this, especially is what I really love.

She continues to inspire me and I always love her spirit. Whether or not you agree withe her, she is SO fully herself and I appreciate that so much. She knows who she is and she’s got a lot of shit figured out!

Brilliant. Adore.

Not even about being a model, or anything to do with how you look. The thing I love about Gisele is that if you listen to her in interviews, she says things that ANYONE in any area of life, can learn from. She has a wisdom and an understanding of the way that energy and the universe works, and her results from following that format are absolutely undeniable and that is why I think she’s amazing. She is so open in explaining herself and how she has achieved her success and I think that is amazingly brilliant for anyone who’s wanting to kind of emulate what she has achieved in their own personal areas of interest in their lives.

“If your husband doesn’t love you, who will, right?” HAHA

“I mean, what kind of representation is that?!”

How she was talking about her dog Vida is what made me post this one here.

“Now guys, dis is… smack something… football language.” HAHAHAHA

Her spirit and her accent and she just… brilliance.

So I hope you enjoy this like I have and continue to do 🙂 🙂 🙂



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