Cheap Ass Mascara That Is THE BEST

I’m only kidding, I don’t know if it’s the best. I don’t have any kind of brand loyalty to mascara but my feeling on it is that cheap drugstore stuff works.

These were taken early this morning and I’d just gotten out of the shower and lotioned up my face (Nivea). And then I found out I was going out, so I just threw on this mascara. I have others; this one is REALLY old but I never throw anything out unless I’m totally over it; I don’t go by expiration dates; I just use my own judgment.

This is literally like anywhere between I mean like a decade old? I have no clue.

Anyway. It works!

So Nivea lotion (both kinds, I use the thickest white cream on my forehead and eyes and the lighter one as a base over my entire face) and that mascara is all I have on here.

It did… I’m used to rubbing my eyes or like not having mascara on, so after six or eight hours or so of rubbing them around, it did look a little rock n roll but that never hurt anyone.

Here’s the pics and here’s the pic of the mascara itself. This color is a little bit more of a casual color, which I used to disdain and now I actually enjoy it. I used to be SO much more hardcore with the makeup, that I wanted everything to POP and now I’m okay with a little subtle, so I don’t mind the brown-black shade once in awhile.

Make up has become kind of a fun thing for me now because it feels totally like an option and a CHOICE and that is something so wonderful for me. 🙂 I appreciate it every day! Because I used to wear a full face of make up all the time, so it never goes unnoticed by me how lucky I am to now be comfortable in my skin and to be able to enjoy myself as I am. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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