THIS Is Why You Don’t Share A Blog

THIS is what you get for sharing your ideas with the world.

(And having an unfathomable host of celebrity followers.)


Now I understand why when you blow out your birthday candles you aren’t supposed to tell anyone your wish.

Not only did he steal my idea and do the show before I even had time to do the first episode, he’s even managed to get a theme song, a Wikipedia account, a rating from IMDb, AND has been nominated for an Emmy– ALL WITHIN 21 MINUTES.

If there’s one thing I have learned from all of this, it’s that I DO have good ideas (with at least an 87% approval rating), and to just keep them to myself.

(Oh yeah, that’s another Emily. See lesson learned, above. ^^^)

I’m changing my name to Nemo and going some place where you can never find me.

They should make a movie about that…

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