By The Way– This Shit Is HILARIOUS!!!

When I was clicking on the first or second video for Helene, this came up and this is what I always say about companies– commercials, for me, don’t work. They just don’t. I know what I like, and you’re not changing my mind.



IF>>>> you can come up with a commercial that’s entertaining and/or makes me laugh, then I’m way more likely to buy your stuff.

And this totallllllly did that. Now granted, I’m not going to freaking buy myself a ring. BUT. James Allen is really making me like them with this commercial and based on the comments on YouTube, they hit a home run because basically everyone was there because they saw it as an ad on YouTube, and NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT CLICK SKIP THE AD, BUT LIKE ME, THEY WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND THAT AND ACTUALLY TRACKED IT DOWN ON YOUTUBE ITSELF TO RE-WATCH IT.

That’s a pretty big compliment. I hope it translates for them into sales. I’d be curious to know the numbers.

I’ve definitely been on their site many times before, and I’ve found it a little tricky to navigate in some ways, like they almost have TOO MANY OPTIONS for customization and it kind of makes my head spin, like you can choose to mount ANY DIAMOND IN THE WORLD BASICALLY and all these other settings choices and all these other things which makes me a little wanting to throw up just thinking of it, but I’ve appreciated the uniqueness of their site BECAUSE their ability to customize is so far and above any other.

Some places, like say Tiffany’s, or Cartier, you’re basically buying into a design. You’re buying into an ideal, a pre-conceived notion. David Yurman, you know, anyone who’s ALREADY ESTABLISHED THEMSELVES INTO DESIGN AND WHO HAS THEIR OWN AESTHETIC, that is what you’re getting.

In those examples, the options are basically minimal and already laid out for you. They’re very finite and you basically choose a designer whose aesthetic matches yours, and pick from what they have. James Allen is a much more interactive approach. There are things I like about that, and things I find– especially doing it through a computer screen (and I’m a very visceral, tactile person) and not sitting down with a jeweler, a pencil and paper, and a satchel of stones, is a little bit like… kind of super abstract and little bit overwhelming and not fully materialized enough. But there are cool creative aspects to it, too.

**I will say, if you have the option, go to James Allen on a computer or at least a tablet. I think it’s a far superior way to figure out what you are doing, to have a whole screen, than to try to navigate it on a phone.**

My point being of all of that is, a commercial like this, illustrate’s a brand’s true values, or at least their underlying ones, and true sense of humor, and adding humor to like “ROMANCE” and “MARRIAGE” I think is a really bold move and a brilliant one at that. I love humor basically above all.

And when a company can find a way of enmeshing themselves in such a happy, light-hearted, positive way with customers, then they’ve done their job, as far as I can see. People are now going to have a totally different perspective of a jewelry company, which, as far as I have ever seen before, is kind of serious and one-note. So, although NOTHING appeals to all, it seems they’ve found a winner that appeals to most (as far as I can tell, again, based upon the comments, and CERTAINLY based upon my own reaction here).

I’ve always loved commercials that were well-done, and this one is. So anyway, James Allen, my hat OFF to you because this is a genuinely good ad. The other company which had ads that had me ROLLING laughing and LITERALLY crying, were the “sour, then sweet” sour path kids ones. I saw one, probably on some video as an actual ad, and then I tracked them all down and watched all of them because they were SO FUCKING FUNNY AND SO FUCKING GOOD.

If you can make tears stream down my face from laughing in a commercial, to me, you are the most brilliant ad-creator in the entire world.

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