Crawfish Fest (Yes, It’s A Real Thing)

Today my dad’s going to Crawfish Fest. This is something which actually exists. It’s a gathering where people bring their favorite crawfish and compare who has the most beautiful one in a bikini, and which one can give the most articulate answers on world conundrums.

Only kidding. It’s a music festival. I just think he’s adorable. He’s 60 years old and he still goes to like two to three music festivals a year… In fact, he just STARTED going only six or so years ago. He’s so cool. He still goes for almost week-long camping trips out in the middle of no where too.

Anyway that’s where my dad is going today and he is so funny, I hope he has a great time. He’s one of the BEST people I know, in every conceivable way. He is SO generous and SO funny– he’s the funniest person I know, almost. (He’s tied in top tier with two or three other of my favorite people in the world).

But I’m really proud of my dad and this wasn’t going to turn into a post about him, but anyway, I am. He’s an awesome person and he’s a nice friend to have and I really appreciate him. He’s done a lot of cool things in his life and he’s helped me a lot and I definitely am so much of who I am (which is awesome) because of him.

I love him and I hope he has so much fun and eats so much Jambalaya mix!!!!!

I can’t get over this thing; it freaking cracks me up.

(I have no idea who any of the acts are, but I recognize the sponsors.)

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