I LOVE MAYER. IN ANOTHER REALM NOT SO FAR FROM HERE, MAYER IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. (My friend Shane and I have a competition going to see who hangs out with him first, but then who can do it without telling the other one, so that the other one THINKS they’re winning at doing it first, but they’re ACTUALLY NOT. HOW GENIUS IS THAT. I STARTED IT.)

I have dreams where we are friends all the time. I know in some other realm, it’s just the way it is. I see him in the bank and he grew up across the street from me. Among other things.

He’s a really genuine and cool guy– I called that YEARS ago back when everyone thought he was being a D. Bag. He’s got heart; always known it, glad it’s coming out into the light now where everyone can see. He’s a genuine person and you can’t fucking WRITE THE LYRICS AND THE MELODIES AND THE WHATEVER ELSE ASPECTS OF MUSIC I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EXPRESS, BY BEING NOT A GOOD PERSON. HE IS HOOKED UP TO HEAVEN AND HE’S HOOKED UP TO GOD. JOHN MAYER IS SO FUCKING COOL OF A HUMAN BEING.


My friend Shane actually sent me some shit from his most recent album several months ago and I was like, “Ya, that’s about Katy.” (This was before anyone had said anything.) Shane’s like “I’m so tired of people saying his shit is about Katy!”… Two days later, it’s like, on the radio that John admitted the song was about Katy.

Anyway. I didn’t listen to any of the music cause I LOVE John as a human being, but some of this stuff, I’m more like… I’m just into boppier stuff these days. So I was like, “Thanks but no thanks. That’s not my flow but glad for him he’s putting out music, I’ll always MENTALLY support him and think he’s sick.”


This song…


Chills. Chills. Chills.

So beautiful, John. (Shane is a super fucking fan of Johnny so I’m sure he’s already heard this song. I’m not like THE HUGEST John Mayer fan, musically, but I believe he’s one of THE MOST TALENTED MUSICIANS OF OUR LIFETIME, HANDS DOWN).

This song makes me feel so many things. I might have to revisit his new album (I haven’t even tried). But this is genuinely amazing. JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’M PROUD OF THIS TUNE YA DID JOHN! You are such a sweetie you little hunny. You’re going to find your wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have a happy ending in your life, I PROMISE! I KNOW IT!!!!!!!! You have the answers to ALL of these questions inside 🙂 (As do we all ❤ )

Perez actually recommended this song and as I said, I ignore 99% of his music recommendations but being that I already knew of Johnny, I gave it a try and I WAS SO FUCKING SKEPTICAL BUT I’M SUPER GLAD I DID CAUSE… WOW. YOU CAN’T NOT FEEL SOMETHING. SO PROUD OF YOU JOHN (AND SHANE, HIS GAY LOVER). ❤ ❤ ❤ YOU GUYS INSPIRE GREAT ART WITHIN EACHOTHER 😉 😉 😉

You’re going to love this song. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a beetle named John Mayer in my eye.

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