Johnny Part II.

John agreed to play in my kitchen while I did an interpretive dance. I have the most talented people in my kitchen, you would never believe.

He wanted to stay off camera because he feels he is over-exposed in May and he wants to keep down a low-key status in June. I told him, “John, if you play live in my kitchen and I post this on my blog, your stats are going to be off the hook like you’ve never seen.” He said, “You know what, getting to guest-star on your blog is the highlight of my career, even if I’m not even seen on film. I have to take this opportunity when it comes because chances like this come around once every several hundred years.”

I’m paraphrasing what he said in order to be humble.

So, anyway, I acquiesced.

Hope you enjoy.

If you couldn’t already tell, this song is actually about choosing between chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla. I hinted at it here. It’s also about inclusion, unity, life, love, and sprinkles. (If you’ll notice, these were carefully chosen for their color scheme. They were not randomly picked off the counter and/or left over from Memorial Day, as you might have previously believed.)

And I purposefully waited to brush my teeth until after filming, because I wanted to give it an authentic feel. John told me when he wrote this song, he knew whoever performed it, had to have eaten a piece of cold pizza which was given to them as a bribe to go to funeral, not brush their teeth, drink a bunch of black coffee, and then perform.

So I said, “Okay. That sounds like my usual routine. I can do that.”

(If you look closely you can see the pizza foil in the background here.) (Pizza foils are how you know I’ve been on a bender.)

If you ever feel badly about yourself because you think I have too much talent and nobody should ever have as much dance, acting, musical, talent as me… Don’t feel bad. There are other lifetimes and you can always get reincarnated as me in your next lifetime. (There’s probably a waitlist but we’ve got forever, you know.)

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