Okay I Really Am Dying To Brush My Teeth

But first a picture of my office space (from earlier, I’m inside now for a minute). I painted this chair and it turned out sick.

And also, I love bandanas. I cut them in half and have one stationed everywhere in my life.

Now my neighbor wants me to tie dye a chair for her so I’m going to get out my WHITE DRESS (THAT I DESIGNED MYSELF AND IT LOOKS FUCKING BOMB) and iron it and then shop for white shoes and then paint this chair. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh yeah I guess I have to get out my funeral wear, too. Since I ate the pizza…

I’m going to be wearing ALL MY OWN DESIGNS THIS SUMMER.

❤ ❤ ❤

They’re fucking sick; I’ll show you. They’re some of my favorite things I have ever done in my life. Ever. They’re so brilliant and timeless. I’ll do more soon, it’s just always an ADD juggle between projects, which I love because I like to keep busy and also focusing on different things all the time.


I KNOW FASHION LIKE IT FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS. I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN. Literally like how some people know music or acting, I know fashion like it’s who I am. You’d never know it by looking at me cause I love what I wear and I wear what I love, but if there’s anything in the world I know, it’s what’s good in clothes. (Which includes a lot of what I wear, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy or exclusive; it’s just a matter of being you, and also some basic elements of design.)

Something I have ALWAYS SAID and I’m spot on when I say it, is that you can BE MORE YOURSELF AND DRESS MORE YOURSELF in warmer climates, because things become OPTIONS instead of NECESSITIES. And layers aren’t required. For me, like, 70’s are the OPTIMAL fashion temperature because you can do ANYTHING with it. You can wear pants, you can wear a bikini. You can wear a skirt, a dress, shorts. You can wear a jacket if there’s wind. You can do anything with that. I’m way more California than New York because… to say I’m into comfort is like to say I enjoy breathing. It’s not even an enjoyment; it’s like my mind can’t comprehend any other option. It feels more like a piece of biology than any mental bent.

But anyway, so yeah, California for me is sick for fashion because you can just wear WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. WHICH IS THE MEANING OF LIFE. California fashion to me is about a blend of aesthetic (yours) and wearing what blends with being outside. And that is what I love.

(I genuinely don’t care about fashion, if you’re gonna talk about things that like HAVE MY HEART, but if you’re going to be good at something, then that’s what I’m good at. It has my passion in a way, my mental passion, but not like, my EMOTION. (Usually. I did cry once at Chanel over a bag.). I don’t USE it, in the sense that it GENUINELY doesn’t matter to me, but I am born with an eye for that kind of design, with no question at all. I’d usually rather wear sweatpants and a tee shirt any way, and what you wear on your wedding doesn’t really matter; it’s what you wear every fucking day in and day out, that’s most representative of who you are. It’s what you LIVE in, not what you wear to special events, that shapes your life, and vice versa. That’s why my biggest passion is for things people wear always. But I can still know a sick haute couture piece when I see it. Nothing wrong with dressing up; it’s a cool change, I’m just way more into what people wear all the time, for life, than for special events. I think what you wear when it’s FULLY your choice, is the coolest thing. It’s the biggest freedom.)

When I say “fashion” it’s more about the way you wear something, than anything it IS. It could look sick on one person, and stupid on another. It’s just a matter of how your energy jives with the outfit or the piece. That’s really all it is. It’s nothing to do with designers or cities or models or cuts. It’s more to do with how YOU feel in something, and how well you two meld into each other. It’s something everyone has, it’s not something that certain people hold a monopoly on, although I’d say some people are more tapped into it, than others. Just like EVERYONE can do simple math, but some people really excel at it, and others, their minds just don’t really WORK in that way. That’s how I view fashion and design.

I went to a Catholic school growing up and I would sometimes BRING CLOTHES to change into on the bus on the way home; like that’s how much I didn’t want to wear that shit. Uniforms are for… not me. (I do like the plaid.)

It’s like how some people speak many languages and some people are psychic, that’s like my energy with clothes. I just know. It’s like beyond thinking. You don’t need a mirror in your house if you know fashion. You put it on and you just know.

(See my latest video.)

ANYWAY. Back to my outside office and the brilliance of my paint.

You know how good when it feels when you BLOW YOURSELF away? (I’m talking about my dresses but anyway here’s the picture of my paints.) I’m pretty pleased with that, too.

It’s one thing when it comes from somebody else; that’s amazing enough. But when you blow yourself away, it’s really fucking good.

I’m excited to show you my dresses now! I’ll have to do a photoshoot with my sister soon, next time when she comes up. She’s the only person who photographs me and GETS ME. She could like photograph my left tooth and I’d say, “You captured my essence.” And it’s cool having your sister do it because you feel totally like, there’s just no barrier at all. I love her to death.

Alright back to my chair.


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