Funeral Was Rad

Love my family so much.

By the way, he’s been three for three: Carly Jep, Mayer, JM– three great songs in a week. Perez has more music cred. in my book now.

Anyway had a really fun time with my mom going to this lady’s funeral who I don’t know but her obituary was gorgeously written– it made me cry, which is a first for that. And the church was SO breathtakingly beautiful. Plus I got to spend some fun time with my mom and also I got to wear a sickest outfit– I LOVE these fucking boots and I’m breaking them in, so that was a good excuse to wear them. I love any excuse for wearing all black. Actually I got to wear my favorite Burberry wool coat, too, because it was that cold this morning.

It looks so sharp that I can be wearing shit underneath and still look put together, which is what it’s meant for, in my opinion.

The point is having ONE nice thing that makes up for everything else.

I love this outfit so much I don’t even want to change out of it but I’m going to paint so I will. But I wanted to show Jenny before I do. (She’s used to seeing me like a pile of… a towel or pajamas so. I’ve got to take advantage while it’s there.)

Once in awhile I have an urge to get a fully black closet… But I also love goofy color too much. So.

Here’s pics of the day.

I’m a little blinds right now from staring into the sun. I think also from being up so GD early cause my mind feels like only halfway there right now.

I want to get back to the lady who died and her obituary and the actual wake because it was a really wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, inspirational day, but first I’ll show you these then I’ll do another post when I can go sit in the sun.

And paint also. Yeah.

These were flowers at my parents’ house and the SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL. I LOVE.

These were actually before the other ones but I don’t know how to change them around. I love my mom so much she’s so funny. We always have fun. I went overboard with these boots I am so excited to have them. I’m just now wearing them. They fit me like a glove now and it’s so satisfying because at first I thought they were too small but now that I’ve broken them in a little bit, I’m in love and they are THE perfect size. Best investment. The pants are Banana Republic, all of their pants fit me really well, and the sweater is one that I wear ALL the time; I don’t know the brand it’s on the label but my brain is fried from getting up so early but it’s cashmere, super nice, and it was like $7 at consignment store down the street from me. Best investment ever. I love this thing. I wear it ALL the time.

I was going to wear a dress but it was like 50 degrees. I wore a wool coat, too, and that was perfect because I’m always cold unless it’s sunshine in the 70’s or 90’s (93 is just right).

Someone shook my hand and was like, “Is it freezing outside?” I was like, “No that’s just my hand, all of the time.”

In love with these boots. I’m NOT a shoe girl (I said that, then I start taking pictures of shoes) but if you’re going to wear something, wear something you love 🙂 🙂 🙂

I just love basic things.

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