Love: Ballet, The National, England, And You

This was not planned.

Re: funeral post. I said I was going to say what about the obituary made me cry (in a good way, I thought it was so lovely and meaningful and beyond words deep). Well, I was sitting in the tub reading it, on a whim, really, because I was only going on behalf of my dad, who was out of town. And I was reading this thing, and it was SO beautifully written. I have never read a more beautiful writing on someone in the paper. It seemed to me as if I knew the lady, from this writing. And secondly, the thing that really struck a chord in me is this; she was married to her husband for 65 years. Which unto itself is so beautiful and I love that so much. I want to be married for 65 years too. HAPPILY SO! And then I did the math and saw that she must have gotten married when she was 17. And that just made me… That put me over the edge. For some reason (probably I am PMSSING) that just hit me out of nowhere and just made me blubber like a button had been pressed.

I think that is the most beautiful thing, two people making that commitment and staying together and… seventeen years old! And five kids, which, I think is a pretty cool number, myself. If people do anything in life, to me, getting married and staying married is THE COOLEST thing that they can do. I just think it’s the coolest magic trick anyone can pull. Honestly. That’s my thing. I think that is the thing worth living for. When people can find a way of staying happily married until they die of old age, wow. I think that’s the essence of a life for me that is a dream.

I just think it’s so beautiful because I think some people really do know themselves so well when they are young. I always say this, and to me this is the most true, I think that life is the relationships that you have. And there are so many levels of success and external achievements, but I think that first and foremost, how much you love yourself and appreciate yourself and your relationship with yourself, is highest, and then after that, the relationships you have with other people. That is your truest wealth.

You can have all the other things, too, but those are only means or helpful ways to enjoy the love and light in your life that you already have.

And I’m always striving to that a little more every day in my own life. I’m certainly not perfect and I’m always doing the best that I can. And I have so much appreciation for people who model lasting happy marriage to me because… and you know what, it doesn’t matter what age you start. It’s about the quality of it NOW. So, I just wanted to say, that really blew me away, and it was an honor to attend this great lady’s visiting hours and this will sound very old-fashioned of me, and it is, you could tell it is a family who really loves each other and is so close and they have a sort of groundedness about them that I admire.

So that was a very beautiful thing and it truly was a beautiful day.

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