You Can Still Be Happy In The Rain!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Love yourself so much cause YOU are magnificent, no matter what you do 🙂 You are magnificent just for being you!!!!! It’s cheesy, yes it’s cheesy, yes it’s cheesy, but it’s true!!!!!!!!

Love yourself! And I love you! Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for doing whatever you do when you’re not reading this blog. I don’t even really care ever whether you read this blog or not, but if you are reading it, just know that I appreciate you. Not even BECAUSE you’re reading this or not; I have a million other things that also occupy my time, so I’m not invested in what you do one way or the other. The reason I appreciate it is that… You are just being you.

Whether you’re reading it, or not, you are being you, and for that, I think you are amazing. Keep doing what you do, because you really can’t mess it up; you are so perfect as you are. Always know and remember that, because it really is true, and if you can take a picture of yourself and just look at yourself or just stare at yourself in the mirror and say,

“You know what, I am a success. And I love myself so much. And look at this incredible person in the mirror! And you know what else… I’m going to do and see and accomplish and live A LOT more things in my life. But nothing that I ever do see accomplish and live is going to be GREATER than the being which I AM.

Because I am just so magnificently good.”

I’m telling you that because I know it’s true. Sometimes you can sense it easier in other living beings but you can also see it in yourself. You are wonderful and you are magnificent and as we heard said last night in the words of a wise young man, “Love spreads”. Start with you. If everyone loved themselves, think of what a world this would be! But it doesn’t have to be anyone else making the change. Just start with loving you. You are the ripple from where everything begins.

Just start with you. If not you, then who? Love you. Love yourself. Love yourself so much because one day, you’ll die, and you’ll look back and say DAMN I had this KICK ASS BODY AND THIS KICK ASS LIFE AND ALL THESE MO FUCKIN KICK ASS PEOPLE AND I DIDN’T EVEN FULLY REALIZE IT! (That doesn’t have to be you 🙂 ) You don’t have to wait till other people die to start loving them TODAY. And you don’t have to wait until YOU die to start following your dreams, believing in yourself, taking your preferences with honor for yourself, and being who you are. You don’t have to wait to start loving yourself into line.

The only thing you’re waiting for is you.

The world is a sponge for your true greatness. ❤ Have knowing in yourself that what is true for you, is right. Love yourself, listen to yourself, be with yourself, and see how it transforms your world right before your very eyes. You are so much more powerful than you have ever known!

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