I Just Had A Realization

Of Badass motherfuckery.



I just thought that was a really cool way to be described.


Okay so I love Matt & Kim. I’m actually halfway in the middle of brushing my teeth because I saw some fresh toothpaste on the sink and I didn’t have a tissue so I just started brushing my teeth with it because I JUST CLEANED the sink and I don’t want fucking toothpaste on it, but I wasn’t using a brush and then I came and started posting this so now I’m kind of like in this teeth-brushing-blog-posting-limbo.

Plus I THINK I’m getting my period today. I just always think it’s cool how things are on a timer.

I’m up kind of earlier than it makes sense to be (before 8, lord why have you forsaken me?).

It feels like I’m up so early that it’s like one of those days where you’re up at 5 am because you’re going on vacation and driving to the beach. (It’s 8:42) That’s how I feel right now.

I will tell you when I took this picture in my sleep-induced-haze, I thought it said “electric duo”. But electronic is still cool.

My song is totally going to be Matt and Kim today. I just have to decide which one.

Right now I’m listening to “World Is Ending” but that’s only because I woke up so early and I’m emoting. I don’t want to put that on you all day.

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