Happy Birthday

To someone who inspires me every day. (When I remember to think of him. Today, without knowing it was his birthday, I was.)

When I talk about Kayne, I am not talking about art, fashion, music, or design. I am talking about the art of being a human.

Kanye West is a visionary; he’s eccentric and he’s seen by many as crazy. But you know what he is also seen as? Fully unique, fully himself, fully original, fully Kanye.

There is nobody else like him. There is nobody else like ANYBODY else, but with Kanye, for some reason, it seems SO OBVIOUS. IT SEEMS SO CLEAR. Everyone else is black and white and he is in color. He’s just so much himself.

I’m speaking specifically beyond anything he has said, created or done. As a human being, he inspires me to grow fearlessly, reach new heights and extend to new bounds. To KNOW no bounds. His passion, his genius, his brilliance, his love. It’s all evident in what he does.

Everything he does, he throws himself COMPLETELY INTO IT. I admire that so much.

He admits to his greatness. He knows he is great at the things at which he is great. He doesn’t pretend to be humble. He knows he is great. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS GREAT in our own way. There is no need to be humble. Being humble, by very definition is a lie! It’s pretending to be less great than you really think you are. So, if you really think you’re great, pull a Kanye and BE IT. BECAUSE IT’S REAL AND BECAUSE YOU ARE.


Kanye West KNOWS AND LOVES Kanye West and we can ALL take a page and learn from that. When I have kids, I’m going to tell teach to be the greatest they can be and KNOW IT. BE full of yourself. You are FUCKING amazing. You SHOULD be. Even the bible said you are made in god’s image. Okay, so. Be it.

Kanye shows you how. 😉

People think people who are full of themselves aren’t good; I’m not arguing about a specific person here one way or the other, but something I have seen is that people who know their own greatness, see it in others, too. People who truly know they are great, find that beauty and find that greatness in other people. They APPRECIATE the greatness in others.

It takes one to know one. When you know how great you are, it makes it EVIDENT how great everyone else is, in their own way, too.

The greatest thing you can EVER do for the world, is to love yourself and think you are awesome. Then is not only do you teach by promise of your example, you also uplift others with whom you come into contact. Because when you’re in touch with the greatness within yourself, it resonates with, and brings it out in others.

Only when you feel so good about yourself, can you feel so good about others. And THAT is the TRUEST gift you can give to ANYONE ELSE: feeling good about them.

The absolute greatest thing you can do, is be full of yourself. Is believe in yourself. Is love yourself, be cocky. Know your greatness. In order for the world to know anything about you, you must know it first.

Back to ‘Ye.

There is no one on earth whose full catalog I’ve listened to or whose full works I have viewed. I don’t really care that much what people do; I like what I like and it spans it all. The only loyalty I have is to myself and my taste in the moment. But something I do often admire in people is their quality of humanity, and that is aside from anything professionally or creatively they do. It is inherently co-centric, but not innately the same.

I will always have such a deep love and appreciation in my heart for those people who are willing to bet on themselves even when the rest of the world says no.

In this man I see a sweetheart of a little boy who will always have big dreams and he is someone who has personally inspired me so much, before I ever had words to put to it, or before I had learned to so appreciate the person that he is.

Whether you agree with them or not, I think it can always be found to be amazing, this human nature we all have to express ourselves more fully, more fully, more fully than that, as we come to more and more deeply know ourselves speeding through this particular earthly apparatus of space and time.

❤ Love you Yeezy for all you have become and all that you are bound to be! Sending you hugs to you and your fam.

My favorite people in the world are and always will be, the ones they call crazy now and they’ll call genius after you’re gone. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSIDERED CRAZY WITHIN YOUR TIME IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED GENIUS AFTER IT. IT CAN BE NO OTHER WAY.

The point isn’t what anyone thinks after your time. The point is being yourself now, no matter how crazy or eccentric or “out there” it may seem. Every single visionary, IS by DEFINITION, crazy, because they are seeing things that heretofore do not exist. This is how creation occurs. Someone who is the consummate creator is ALWAYS inhabiting this sort of limbo-ic realm. Limboic. I made up a word.

I love Kanye SO much because he represents that better maybe than anyone else of this time, and I find it so sweet and adorable and SO human. So that’s part of, in words, why I adore Kanye so much, and cheer him on, because I think in terms of what we are all doing here on earth, he is doing such an incredible job, and he truly understands the bigger picture, I think so much more than most people really can see, and anyone doing that under the microscope of being famous, is doing an amazing thing, because I do think that it is all heightened exponentially, therefore, to some degree.

So I am always cheering him on and I think he is doing great and he is someone I just have huge affinity for and I hope this day is great for him. ❤ ❤ ❤

And I hope it is for you. Enjoy your day today to the deepest, fullest, best that you can. Hug someone you love, smile a lot, laugh, go outside, breathe some deep air, drink some water, love yourself more. Love yourself FULLY and love yourself more. Nothing more important than that. You are your own greatest achievement and you are your own greatest catch.

Love love love


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