But I was just reminded of another girl who has impeccable taste and she also shares the same birthday as me which is not coincidental. If you wanted to have the best taste in the world, hopefully you were born on our day, too.

Poppy Delevingne. So her ring is also very beautiful and I adore yellow gold. So I thought I would show you it here.

She is just an amazing human being. I have been enamored with her long before I knew we were soul twins.

She’s gorgeous and this ring is so unique and I feel it’s a little bit Jasmine and Aladdin and it’s all love. She’s the best and her husband is so adorable, too.

Anything she does is magic. I’m including one of my all-time favorite wedding pictures I have ever seen which just so happens to be her. And also the way James proposed because I am a sucker for a beautiful jewelry box and what the fuck, he nailed it.

By the way, the box is by Anya Hindmarch, Who Clearly Knows Her Shit. (That’s her full name).

I love her ring because if you know me, I’m a woman of extremes in all ways and if anything looks like it’s “too much” then it’s just right for me.


Way too much is just right.

Hers is my favorite unique engagement ring I have ever seen. The one I posted before obviously isn’t an original design. But hers is fucking amazing. Plus I love her dress.

She just has the best taste all-around. I don’t bestow that title lightly but she does.

She can do no wrong.

Plus her nickname is Popdog which I think is the cutest thing ever. But the ring.

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