I Tell You Something Funny

I just googled Vengaboys because I’m now down a Vengaboys hole and I wanted to see where they were from. I have always loved them, but I always loved them before YouTube and I’ve just had a few of their songs on my iTunes basically since forever. Today is the first time I’m ever seeing them in video. And they are so funny, and their videos are amazing, I was wondering– I knew they must be from some country other than here.

Anyway I wanted to know more about them. I googled them and found that just within the last day or two, they went viral for some people in the UK playing a dance party with their song (the one I just posted- Boom Boom Boom Boom) in the street.

I had no idea. I haven’t thought of that song in years. It just came to my head all of a sudden to post it and to play it.

I genuinely had not heard anything of this at all when it came to me to post this and to start playing it today.

I would say this is amazing but I know we are always picking up on signals all around us. Just thought I’d share that with you. The world works in mysterious ways!!!! 🙂 I’m used to it, but it never gets old and it’s always still cool! xoxoxoxo

I also just found out it was released on June 14, which is my dog’s birthday, and I got the urge to play this right after our friends had stopped my on a whim to deliver him this birthday gift.

(Sasha is his best friend and his girlfriend) IMG_8425

I am just seeing the video and hearing of the whole thing now and it SHOULD blow me away but I tell you, crazy things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME ALL DAY LONG and crazier, but still, it’s fun when it’s something so prove-able to the world. Other ones are so like, nuanced, it would take me days trying to explain.

But funny and I love it.

If you ever wondered if you’re in COMPLETE and UTTER connection with the universe, don’t. You ARE!!!!!!!

By the way, the video is great. This is me peeing and watching it and smiling. (Yes, I’m very talented at doing all three.)


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