So Hot Out Today

You’ll never see me complain.

It’s 90 with 41 percent humidity and I’m drinking a hot coffee. This is nothing. Call me when it’s 105. Then we’ll chat.

Painted this today for my favorite client yet.

(Blue’s toy basket).

Painting something for him really pulled my heart in two. Even if he couldn’t give a rip. I love this dog so much. When he actually went into the basket after it was painted and dry and was looking for a toy, I thought I was going to burst. And he’s probably like, “Why the fuck does this thing smell like toxic and what’d you do with all my shit cause it isn’t in the same order as when I left it before.”

I LOVE the smell of spray paint, too. I always try to inhale it whenever I can. Blue’s feet, his fur, spray paint, some of my top favorite smells. Gasoline. Coffee before it is brewed. Chanel. My sweat from being in the sun, obviously the obligatory fresh cut grass, clothes dried on the line…

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