Alright I’m Going Back

to fuck more shit up in awesome ways with more people

but let me leave you with this until i return

i’ll tell you all i listened to all day on repeat literally i’m not kidding you all fucking day from morning to evening through and even made the neighbor kids listen to it with me when they came over was drake gyalchester which is just the best song ever but i’ve already told you about that

and my sister is getting this car which is really fucking sick i’ll have to show you pics i’m genuinely in love with it it was for her husband but anyway it reminds me of something i’ve seen from trav so that’s kind of on my mind right now, trav is one of my favorite guys and this is one of my all time ever favorite videos i find it so romantic and cool

so love

can’t wait to see this car i hope it lives up to all my expectations and more

so i’m listening to this right now

my parents went away one time to canada and came back, my dad came back with enema of the state for me because i really wanted it and my mom wasn’t going to let me have it because of the parental advisory label and i thought that was so fucking awesome, i really appreciated it. i loved that cd so much. never knew how much i’d love trav after that fact but he’s really fucking cool.

stylistically this is the fucking best music video ever

and as far as songs go,

it doesn’t GET any better than this

it gets equal

it doesn’t exceed this

trav is so fucking hot

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