Alright Nars

I’m really effing busy to be telling you this so listen here. Love these shades– super orgasm and easy lover (bottom to top). Just make them a little bigger in the container and slightly wetter. I’m not being sexual, but that’s just the way it is. Chanel has better volume/feeling to it.

Just add more; make it thicker.

I enjoy it.

This started off as a pic of Nars and then it turned into me noticing how Blue was under my armpit and how he matched the nars. and also how he just stands there waiting because we were on our way out the door and he knew it so he just swarms me when he knows we’re leaving. so it turned into that. i fucking love this dog so much.

so we were out the door to go get this shirt for my friend, which…

okay nars you got it? cause i’m moving on.

he just stands here facing me. it kills me. this fucking guy.


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