Okay So Where Was I (part 5)

so many things have happened since then

i put a hole in my belt

blue found a snake

shane found the receipt for my mcdonalds on the back of the note and was questioning me and my motives for life



that’s where my filet o fish goes ^

here is the actual snake which i only got a second of and he was halfway in the bush but he was the biggest one i have ever seen in the yard.

this is me doing a kid friendly ad for v8 splash on how when you drink it, you automatically become better than other people

and also, this is me proving i actually drank it (which I did– it tasted awesomely great, which is why i decided i’d agree to do their ad in the first place)

if you touch your tongue to it, you tasted it. fact.

oh here’s the snake

this was after an old man working at the grocery store called me over to ask me about the paint he had seen on my legs earlier the FIRST time i was getting cherries. that’s another story unto itself too.

oh here’s the ad


making gangrene fashionable since 2017



i’m nothing if not fucking brilliant with colors

i saw these flowers the other day when i posted them and i got an instant craving for this color which is the same color i painted my room at my parents’ house in high school and it’s just fucking the most brilliant color in the world ever, i fucking adore it. so i always just get these instincts for where things are, so i went into the mall yesterday and i’m a very fucking succinct shopper i don’t boop along; i go in, i know what i’m getting, i get it, done. five minutes, proper. so i walk in, don’t find exactly but find something good enough that i would have gotten anyway, buy that, tell the girl at the register i got a craving for this color but i didn’t see anything in it.

i’m leaving the store, fucking walk right past this shirt and it’s the exact fucking color. so i go back, i’m like dude i found it! i got it in black, this color and a better purple than the one i had just bought so i switched that out. these shirts are in my ALL time favorite cut for a tank top. i had a white one from HnM YEARS ago with this same neckline and straps and it’s my all-time fucking favorite. so fucking in love with these.

i’m fucking brilliant with colors and knowing colors and what will look good and right on people. this is it.

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