So My Friend Told Me He Liked The Shirts I Posted (par quatre)

and as soon as he said it i’m like i’ll go get one but i didn’t say anything to him.

so i took those nars pictures right before i was on my way out the door.

so i ran down there got a spot right out in front which is basically a miracle and blue and i went back in and i grabbed this shirt for him and another one for me that i’ll show you later, it’s sick.

and i texted him and i was like what are you doing he’s like going into the shower i was like ill be right over.

so he didn’t think i was serious but i dropped this off to him and it was really cool. he looks great in it; it’s the first one i grabbed and it’s right size and super sick.

i also told him i left a note in the bag on a mcdonalds receipt that this is only if he agrees with me about john and katy perry.

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