UPS Guy > Mayer


our UPS guy is always giving blue treats, even when he doesn’t have a package

so Blue, i learned, once when we were on a walk, even when we aren’t at home, thinks every UPS truck is basically the ice cream man, and he runs up to it and tries to ingratiate himself into getting their treats

whenever he even sees a UPS truck now, wherever he is, he gets really excited

so unless Ted’s driving a UPSser, Blue probably wouldn’t have cared

for the record, we were going out for fries but we happened upon the tour bus

normally when we see that many busses it means me and blue decided to camp, but apparently this time it means mayer & company are in town

i just ordered almost $10 worth of mcdonald’s food, ate half of each thing, and now i feel like i’m going to throw up.

and you think my life is glam.

(i mean, it is. but only the part where i throw up.)

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