so it’s been 8 days since i last posted!!!!!!!

it feels like… it feels like…. it feels like a very long time to me

today we went a little way up north to look at a beautiful home. well, we actually just went up to look at the location of the home. it is on a beautiful lake and i really like the vibe of the area. it is beautiful in the summer.

the air up there smells nice and wet, because of the water, lake air. it feels fresh. i like the smell of the air very much.

i love this dog SO much. in the last eight days he has only gotten unbelievably better and unbelievably cute.

he’s sitting on the end of my bed now. today, all the neighbors were gone and i was writing and recording and he didn’t know what to do with himself. he’s so funny when Jenny our neighbor and the kids aren’t home– and the neighbors on the other side of their house are also away for the summer, so that’s a good chunk of his fan-base, well…. he sometimes gets a little bored. it’s like all his friends being away at summer camp. i wasn’t in the mood to hop on my skateboard with him because i was doing more mental things but maybe later tonight or tomorrow i will. that gets him really worked up 🙂

as i was writing that, jenny pulled in. we just went into her garden. now that i started writing, there’s so many things i want to share with you.

i saw dead and company a week ago yesterday, last tuesday, they were awesome and amazing but let me say— above all that, the day itself was just magic.

here’s a video of them playing last night at Citi Field– this one is for you, traveling-kind

man i love this song SO much (by the way i’m now reading your post on the tour, traveling-kind and i saw grilled cheese and balloons and hugs and all that other shit and i was like damn, i have to read this once i’m done writing this. it’s an absolutely fucking amazing world isn’t it?!?!?!?! unlike anything i have EVER ever ever ever seen.)

blue wanting to kill me for being so boring and writing and making recordings


my friend shane made me a cd with this song on it with dead and company playing on, it sounds like kimmel, but anyway i love this song SO much and i love john mayer speaking of john i had a dream about him last night, here…

IMG_0820 (1)


by the way when i said candy bar i meant like those things at the movies, a candy BAR like with skittles falling out of the clear plastic boxes and those shovels belonging to each one, on a curly rubber wire string. the thing was a mess. so was his hair.

by the way last night i was cleaning my car and i kept catching him…

every time i looked away he’d be on a mat.


but back to john mayer sleeping in an elevator consisting of candy

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