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Do any of you people read or listen to Abraham Hicks? I was listening to this wonderful lady reading astrology on YouTube and she was a decidedly positive person. I didn’t know exactly what it was about her, but she had this REAL WORLD positivity that I really just enjoyed, and she danced at the end of every video and she was SO funny and real and sweet. I don’t remember her name now but I feel like she had red hair.

Maybe I can find her and offer you a post. I still always think in terms of astrology because I think there is so much to be gained and I feel like it’s helped me in terms of understanding people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. At the–

OMG I found her. The more I was looking I was like damn she doesn’t do it anymore. Okay it wasn’t Debbie, it was Kelley. I realllllly like her.

“We’re all broadcasting”.

Okay so listen. I haven’t been back to listening to her or her website, SINCE finding Abraham like three years ago (!!!). I’m posting a link, my sun sign is Taurus. You probably might have a different sign. But you’ll get her gist and also you can click her name and find any video she’s done for your sign. Her energy is really, really cool.

Now I haven’t heard or seen anything from her because basically, I was on her site– I was really drawn to her energy, and I was on her site I think back in October, as I said, three years ago. I was on her site and I saw this quote from this “person” named “Abraham”. It was a quote from this person named “Abraham” and I saw one line or two, and I was like, HOW DO I NOT KNOW WHO THIS PERSON IS? Because I knew instantly that they knew their shit, and I pride myself on knowing everyone who knows their shit. To this day, there’s only about three people at the top of the game, who, in my opinion, really, truly know their shit. And maybe a few of them who are dead. And Abraham is one of them, and to me, they are far and away the most fully-all-encompassing comprehensive one.

If you think you don’t have something to give, then the TRUTH of the fact that you think you don’t have something to give, is something worth giving.

I want to say on one hand that they have changed my life, and then I think back to 10th or so grade, when I used to counsel people via AIM on their relationships and such. I don’t believe in giving anything power, outside of yourself, and at the same time, you can give yourself credit for allowing such an influence into your life. There are many people whom I have recommended Abraham to, when I felt like they were asking me for answers or for something that I felt like Abraham could say in that moment better than me, and I think they are sometimes not in vibrational frequency-field of receiving it or seeing its value or feeling it, or knowing it, and that is incredibly cool; it’s just as it should be. There is really no need in any which way.

So I feel really blessed to have these teachings in my life, and I can see, looking back over my life, I have UTILIZED their teachings, without ever hearing a word, YEARS before they came into my conscious awareness, because it is something that we all inherently know. I was going to say “deep down” but it really isn’t even so deep. The truth of the matter is that any time we are feeling less than really good, it’s our guidance system telling us that we are out of sync with that larger part of ourselves, which is what Abraham is. So it isn’t some really like esoteric thing. It’s actually close to you as hands and feet, or however that saying goes. :p

Another interesting thing to me is that my friends and family know this about me, that Steve Pavlina is kind of the person who I’d say kind of “started” me on this path. I was researching how to get better sleep YEARS ago, and came across one of his articles on it, and he was the most Vanguard, free-thinker I had ever known. I always said that if I had found him first, I probably would have never gone to school (college).

And ironically, come to find out, after I’d already heard of Abraham and by then gotten at least one of their books (now I think I have four, plus I think four sets of their cards and their three Sara books– which are absolutely amazing)– the first book of theirs I got was Ask and It Is Givenand come to find out– Steve Pavlina had done a book review of that exact book, and he may have spoken more about it than just that one post– and I checked the date, and he HAD written about Abraham and the book, prior to the time of me finding his website.

So it wasn’t a matter of the fact that it wasn’t there. And this is kind of amazing to me, because that’s actually ESSENTIALLY the whole teaching of theirs in a nutshell, is that what you aren’t a vibrational match to, you cannot see. Literally down to the example of finding a lost item. If you believe it is lost, it will be to you. And their explanation of it, which they can do much better than me– they’ve done some real-life examples of Esther missing things that were literally right under her nose, and sometimes to me, those examples serve as THE MOST poignant illustration of the way energy, materiality, manifestation and Law of Attraction work. Things like powder brushes and gold pens and iPads and things like that– all of those examples they’ve used with her, have stuck with me. Especially their answer on time to a questioner, regarding a story they told about her airport parking pass (or something to that effect) that she lost in her purse on board. I’ll see if I can find it and I’ll post it back here when I do. Or I’ll make another post and link this one to it. Or I’ll make another post and link it to THIS. HAHAHAHA. WHO THE FEK KNOWS.

So I was not a vibrational match to their teachings, just yet, even though they’ve been in existence long before my spiritual journey began. And everything is always expounding upon itself, and it took me exactly that much time and experience and expansion and lining up, to get to the point where I was ready for their messages and their books.

Something funny is that I was going through my parent’s basement a couple of weeks ago, maybe three, and I had pretty much, or so I believed, recycled all of my old journals.

But I found this looseleaf paper (which I have since recycled because I am a little bit like a tidal wave, about out with the old, in with the new). That I had written exactly two months shy of my 18th birthday, and it was literally one of the most brilliant pieces I have ever read. There was also a letter from the same date, to my boyfriend– I seem to have a lot of notes written to my boyfriend that I apparently never sent– but BOTH of them, but ESPECIALLY the one to myself, were highly enlightened and evolved.

And I think the amazing thing to me is that, this was before my “spiritual trail” or anything like that; I was still in high school and mostly surrounded myself with that level of reading (I never actually read the assigned reading, but the books I took out of the library were nothing spiritual or new-age or mystical at all).

The first line was, “I want to create my own reality”. And then I went on to say something like, and I want to focus and follow through on it, so that it becomes real for me, and so that it’s a steady streaming for myself, a place that I can go, and always tap into. (I’m paraphrasing).

I went on to say SO many things that Abraham says, and although I wasn’t quite speaking from the level of non-resistance that they hold, I was very, very, very close well on the trail. The subjects I covered and the things I discussed, it was a front and back side college-ruled page, filled– it really blew my mind. The biggest point for me here is that I realized that I was actually thinking this way long before I gave myself CREDIT for thinking this way. In other words, I had this understanding and this knowing, within me all along. And I was in tune with it so much more then I ever realized. I would say the vibration of this letter was still a little more ASKING in the equivalency, in other words, I was subjecting my ideas to the universe, in hopes of receiving some kind of answer, and my submissions were, largely, if not somewhat off, vibrationally-sound.

Something about writing that I have always loved, and looking back on it really isn’t one of those things (except for in that example), is that it puts you in touch with yourself. And I think for me, like, I paint and I draw sometimes and I write and I imagine and sometimes I speak and record that in spoken word journals and all of those things, but the reason I do it isn’t to create something or to produce something for the world. The reason I do it isn’t to make money in terms of XYZ (although I know I’m going to be very very very very very incredibly rich, like probably the richest woman in the history of the world– I will tell you that so far, no body’s net worth who exists currently, is what I consider to be a whole lot of money. John D. Rockefeller had an adjusted net worth of $400B, so I base everything off that.).

The reason I do anything is just for the flow. I used to do everything (literally almost EVERYTHING) for the effect. And now, in the more and more of me purifying my vibration, I find that I do next to nothing, close to nothing, IDEALLY AND HOPEFULLY nothing, for the effect, and EVERYTHING for the way it feels in the way I am doing it. That’s how I know what I am doing. You have zero control over the effect, and 100 percent control of the energy you are putting out. If I make a painting, it’s for the flow, not the effect. Once I’m finished, it’s done. If I want to buy this or be that or do that, it’s a given. No questions asked. By the universe. There’s nothing out there I need to fix or prove or do. I have to line up with it, vibrationally. You can’t prove your worth to “god”. You can’t PROVE your worth beyond what you already are. You CAN to human beings, but you cannot to the universe. And the universe is where you get everything from, anyway.

Humans are just sometimes the deliverers.

Expect it, believe it, it’s yours. This is what I’m working on, for all of the rest of my days!!!

I have another post coming up just now but I’m going to break these into two.

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