Okay so before I post you this long one

I have a funny little story here

So probably like okay this may have been a month or so ago, I never know the time, although I am pretty okay with dates, but my sister works with this person at her pharmacy whom I’ve met before and her name is Trish(a). But let’s say Trish. And at one point, we were texting about her, about a month ago, and I asked Kelsey (my sister) what Trish’s name was. I couldn’t remember. Because Trish is having a baby, so Kelsey is getting her (has now gotten her) this really beautiful rocking chair, recliner, swivel thing, that also glides. (Trust me, I’ve now been shopping for these things for weeks.) So anyway. We were talking about that and I said I forgot what her name is, is it Tessa or Trisha? (Or something to that effect).

And a day or two later, Kelsey replied, “Trish”. When I saw that, I didn’t really pay much attention, except for the fact that it confirmed it was the Trish one instead of the Tess one. So I continued calling her Trisha, which I thought was what Kelsey had said.

So a week or two later she comes up for a visit, and the chair and the baby shower keep coming up, and I keep referring to her as Trisha. And at a family gathering of some sort, Kelsey laughingly calls me out for continuing to call her Trisha, even though she’d “Clearly” in her mind, told me that her name was TRISH.

Basically, I thought she was choosing one of the options I’d laid out, and she was going off-menu, but I still thought she was choosing one of the options I had laid out.


So the entire rest of the time, I kept making fun of Kelsey (or myself) I don’t know which, and I kept calling her Trisha. And then even at one point, SHE started calling her Trisha (by accident, which really made it funny). And it was this stupid, silly, dumb big thing that we kept laughing at. I even took her baby shower invitation and posted it on my fridge, and wrote an A at the end of “Trish”. And told Kelsey her family had gotten it wrong.

To give you the picture, this was like an on-going weeks thing. The fact that it was SO stupid made it all the more funny to me. Especially when my sister came to visit and in person explained that I’d blithely overlooked her input to the name, and continued calling her whatever I’d originally guessed.

So if you know me, I tend to run jokes into the ground and I’m still laughing at them LONG after people think they are funny, in fact, people are usually wanting to kill me by then, and I’m still spewing spit all over my phone screen from laughing (this is usually text). So it continued with Trish. So anyway yesterday was the day Kelsey went to Trish’s baby shower and she sent me a really cute picture of the two of them.

Then today she wakes me up with our family group text, which I’ll relay for you here.


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