Have you guys ever heard of ASMR? Both people below, with links, explain it on their sites. You really know what it is by EXPERIENCING. I actually found it googling something completely different and the two people I have listened to (like, actually listened to) in this group are the very beautiful and regal GentleWhispering and more recently I discovered the charming and very pretty ASMRDarling, on YouTube. Some people say they REALLY help relax them.

I get tingles from listening to them, most of the time. Like, tingles in my head. From tapping sounds and certain hand movements and soft noises. It’s almost like it takes your attention out of your body and into your ears. It’s quite an interesting thing. It’s very pleasant and relaxing and focuses you in a really general way, which is sort of like a meditation.

Those two ladies can explain it to you. 🙂 ^^^^

Then there’s this other guy, Tony, who is straight up HILARIOUSLY funny in this one. His creativity is FOR REAL. I was literally laughing out loud at this. I was like, spitting on my phone.

Something I appreciate maybe even more than the calming feeling of these videos, is the CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION these people endlessly endlessly endlessly eternally display.

They are AMAZING. I think that’s literally half of the awe of these things for me, is seeing the brilliance of these people taking on roles and the dedication they have to their craft.

I sometimes like to relax and sometimes I don’t want to relax at all, I WANT to be going 100,000 MPH. But sometimes these are really nice when I’m in a certain kind of mood.

They really do work for relaxation for me, for sure, if that’s something I want in the moment.

Lately I’m too gung-ho that I don’t want to settle down at all ever but you know. BALANCE IS THE KEY… either balance or completely black and white, pedal to the metal ridiculousness extreme.

(mostly, I choose the latter.)

This is her (Maria’s, GentleWhispering) most recently uploaded one. I haven’t finished this yet. I love her nails. HER NAILS ARE NATURAL THEY ARE AMAZING DON’T ASK ME HOW IT’S DONE. WITCHCRAFT. MAGIC. DEALS WITH THE DEVIL FOR SURE.

Here is one from Taylor (ASMRDarling)

Some wonderfully talented, amazing people. I’m sure there are many, many more. 🙂


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