I Had The Most Incredible Amazing Dream

last night and… Maybe I’ll tell you about it later? It was a little crazy in a really good way… As my friends always make fun of me for, yes it did have to do with a celebrity. (I’m rolling my eyes at myself. But it was worth it.)

Also I wear the same thing a million times in a row so this is actually me today too….. Blue and Cheshire cat. He is always right next to me when I am on here. (Or he’s out in the yard). He’s always sometimes right next to me. Alright wheewwww crazy dream which led me into this like twilight idea of today which is really good and I’m heading out to do some things but I just wanted to post this picture because it was really cute and also a couple other things real quick.

You guys are probably going to make fun of me for this (rightfully so)…….

Okay I’ll tell you in a minute.


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