Coming From Someone Who Used To

think their calling was making music videos

(who knows maybe I will!!!!)

NOTHING gets me like music put together with clips from a TV show

That’s why I like my friend Shane’s videos so much, because they are all clips set to music. It’s literally like mainlining heroin for me. HAHAAHAHAHAHA

The LAST MINUTE of this song is so epic. ❤ Like 2:44 on.

One of my best friends got me into this show and while I never have the attention span to watch anything all the way through, not to mention a whole fucking TV series, I always really liked these two characters a lot. I do NOT know how people make these videos but they are AMAZING.

If I thought pleasure was guilty, this would be it.


I love the color scheme of this show and the way it is filmed. And Texas. And probably a lot of other things I’m not mentioning now.

Maybe because I didn’t fully watch it. HA!!!!!!

I love culminations of things, where you just skim the best parts of everything off the top and only use that, and that is what this does, and it’s brilliant.

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