In Terms Of Personal Enjoyment

this is currently my personal fave

ANDDDD!!!!! just found this video (SEE BELOW)!!!!!!

also realized CV in real estate speaking equals “COVE”– you heard it HERE first.

It’s pretty basic. :p


So excited for this feature-length film with zen-like music

It’s not a coincidence they posted this right before my birthday.

Real estate is art you can live in (“in which you can live”). It’s a backdrop for your life. It’s like choosing which movie scene to spend some amount of time in. That is why I love real estate. Every single location on planet earth has a different vibration and feeling and frequency and so does each house and it’s fascinating to me.

I can know pretty much IMMEDIATELY upon seeing one photo whether it’s somewhere I would want to live.

I love that about myself.

I just know shit.

In advance.

This one is beautiful and sprawling and gothic and gorgeous and incredible AND feels like home at the same time, which is actually a pretty amazing thing to achieve.

They also did a really good job of building a new home and making it look old. There’s a lot of things that I can tell went into the making of this house that are not easy to articulate or describe but I can tell that whoever built this and designed it really knew what they were doing (by my standards, not necessarily anyone else. hahahahaha).

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