his bone-suctioning-sounds lulled millions of people all over the globe last evening, to sleep. And back by popular demand, are a two-part series of videos from the much-anticipated series, “EATING KETTLE POPCORN IN BED”, starring my one and only dog, Blue.

It’s a trending world-wide phenomena, called, BL-ASMR.

In contrast to the high-quality audio-only entry of last night, today consists of two VISUAL MOVEMENTS INCLUDED WITH SOUNDS.

Please feast yourself visually AND aurally, on the masterpiece that is Blue.

The first one is a video I took of him eating popcorn, which is focused upon the drool spot I noticed had formed on his leg (from watching me eat popcorn, too).

In trying to make this the most ULTIMATELY relaxing experience, I also included a little musical piece from JAWS.

his all-time favorite food is corn. corn in any format.

he is an equal-opportunity en-corner.


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