Alright You Know I Love happy songs

but the shit in this just fucking BLOWS MY MIND

I also love songs that are really passionate to where you turn them up, you get so high you feel like someone could take a machete to your arm at the elbow and you wouldn’t notice or even really care.

(Although I am rather fond of my limbs and phalanges.)

Believe it or not that’s a relatively common feeling for me.

I heard this song when I was flying in my car one night and like the next day the video came out. It’s super creative and I find the song itself to be pretty euphoric. FUCKING LOVE.

I tend to have as my favorite song, the one the artist says is their favorite off the album. And that’s without me having listened to any full album since probably Britney came out with that one in 2003. (Boom boom).

And this is no exception. These guys are sweet and true artists. It’s a cool video idea. Very committed.

Opiates inspire love songs!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else can I say.

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