Brady + Physics + Pure Positive Energy

Love him. This is a really great interview.

I don’t follow football, but some things are applicable all over the board. I always love listening to positive people speak. It’s not a matter of the vocation, it’s about how tuned in they are.

He says:

“I’ve had a lot of experiences and I know what’s important and I know what’s not important and tend to use a very positive outlook in order to shape my own emotions and feelings. I use a lot of things for motivation.”

It’s always the same concept and energy and application.

It’s literally mathematical in its precision.

If you ever wonder how or why someone has gotten to be where they are, just listen to an interview with them. And conversely, you can start changing the way you think and speak, to effect the change you wish to desire. ❤

“Because we’ve had success, a lot of teams don’t like that … It’s a good problem to have.
If they don’t like you, you’re probably doing something right!”
“People who are gonna grouch and groan are gonna grump either way; may as well be because YOU have what YOU want.
– You can quote ME on that one. 🙂

You know that saying about you become who you hang out with? The beauty of the internet is that you have access to basically ANYBODY at your fingers. You get to choose whose speaking and ideas saturate your brain. You get to choose what to think and who to listen to and who to agree with and who feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be dependent on your “reality”. You have access to everything in the world!!!! You get to decide. YOU get to choose. You don’t have to listen to the people around you.

You get to decide who influences you.

Choose the direction of your life based on how it feels when you think it.

That’s how you know what is true in your heart.

ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING you can imagine, is right within reach.

If you can think it, it’s yours.



You’re not here to fuck around with shit that doesn’t vitalize and interest you or with other people’s limited ideas of what is possible or real or necessary or right.

This isn’t purgatory.



I’m now going to go sip some tea in the garden surrounded by butterflies and the sound of Leonardo DaVinci playing the harp whilst I make a genteel watercolor with a paintbrush made from unicorn tail hairs, seated upon a mushroom, while I catch up with my neighborly human-size Caterpillar.

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