Autism, Amazing

This is a word that comes to mind to me a lot in terms of myself and my evolution, as I feel like I’m moving MORE in the direction of becoming some of those qualities myself and it’s something I am taking great enjoyment and pride in.

Literally, the better I am being, the more I am being myself, the happier and higher and more tuned in I am, the more autistic I feel. This is a word that has come to my mind countless times for many months now, as something to strive for always within myself.

I don’t really give a cut about explaining it to anyone else, I’m lazy, but luckily Abraham did a really good job with it.

I am watching this video now.

I love this lady, and I feel autistic with my mom and people all the time.  🙂 This was the word I was talking about the other day in my podcast that I didn’t bother touching because I felt it might be too contrasting and not worth explaining to anyone else. But I love this so much. So I searched Abraham and Autism and this is what I found– I have never seen this before and I love it.



I have ALWAYS said this about childhood development– things we call developmental delays are simply energy being focused somewhere else. If I have kids, I don’t care when or whether they walk, talk, or drive the car because I KNOW they have brilliancy in their own way, and it’s only when we cannot SEE that for ourselves, that we believe something has gone wrong. You don’t have to be genius in EVERY which way, or in whatever ways the world defines as good. You only have to be genius in the ways in which you set forth when you came, the ways in which you want and that matter to you. THAT LITERALLY IS IT.

Conforming to an arbitrary general population mundane regular normal checklist isn’t the point. BEING WHO YOU CAME TO BE IN THIS WORLD: IS.

If conforming to the world makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.


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