The Thing I LOVE about this

and can’t get enough of and almost felt like I’d died and gone to heaven about this

is the art direction/art

BLOWN AWAY. I LOVE NANCY DREW. Anything like this I love and timing of release is just right, because of the fact that it’s such a fall/Halloween song. I love the color scheme, love the colors, love the visual artistry and design.

I’m excited for the real video to drop, too. But I’m so happy with the visuals of this one, it’s definitely my favorite lyric video I’ve ever seen. Because it’s so spot-on for me.

You know I’m a huge forever love of Kanye and Kim cause to me they’re the fucking Bonnie and Clyde of the whatever the fuck century we’re in. They’re unexpected and I totally underrated them when they first happened and it’s grown into a full-on-family-love for me.

I’m not commenting on any of the “drama” although you know on some level everyone fucking Loves. It. because they’re all laughing all the way to the bank over that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just ensnaring the audience in a good follow-along like made for TV script.

GOOD FOR THEM. I’d say it’s genius.

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