VMA 2017 Fashion

The one I love MOST is Teyana Taylor’s.




Teyana Taylor. (Perez noticed Janet wore something like this ORIGINALLY).


Nicki Minaj.


Hailee Steinfeld.

Hailey Baldwin.                                             Lorde.

Lorde: I love the color and the texture and the lines.

Hailey, I just think she has a really good body and stance for the design.

Steinfeld, I love this dress and the design (GENERALLY, ignoring the details of fabric and the appliqué looking shit on top), which is somewhat similar to something I sketched earlier this week, I would have liked a different line on the skirt. Something about the fabric and the details were ever so slightly off to me– like the more I look at it, the more it drives me mad– but ALL in all, a really great look on her. She’s very beautiful.

Something about those lines and the way that fabric works, I cannot explain it, every once in awhile, an outfit that I see KIND of makes me feel NUTS and this is it. Because I LOVE the idea, and something got lost in like the very last stages of execution, as far as the designer goes. I don’t like the appliqué thing and ahhhh I LOVE the idea SO much if only it was like… IT WAS SO CLOSE TO PERFECTION. The saving grace for this dress is WHO is wearing it, HER complexion and colors, and shoes, and how she is holding herself. That is the saving grace because this dress is so close to perfect but also so far.

That’s me being really picky, as I am with fashion, ESPECIALLY anything that’s supposed to be high-end.

Teyana Taylor had my all-out favorite look of the night that I saw, along with flashback to the ever-classic Janet (whose technical outfit, I like SLIGHTLY more). Miley’s outfit just fit her TO A T and the colors are SHARP and perfect in her complexion. And Nicki just looked sick, in what ONLY she could pull off.

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